President details actions of university inclusion plan

Written By Dara Collins, Editor-in-Chief

Point Park University President Paul Hennigan sent an email to the student body, faculty and staff on Monday evening listing the actions in the university’s plan to enhance its culture regarding inclusion.

This email comes after the semester’s first town hall style meetings on Jan. 13 and 15. The email from the Office of the President extended a thank you to all who participated in the open forums. Hennigan says the information provided by attendees will be “valuable” to building the culture of Point Park.

The actions listed in the email will happen concurrently as Hennigan realizes multiple actions must happen at the same time.

Hennigan announced in the email that a full-time position titled “Director of Inclusion” has been created. The position will work closely with Vanessa Love and report directly to Lisa Stefanko, Vice President of Human Resources.

The president commended Love, Director and Title IX and Diversity, for filling a gap in university leadership well and said she will maintain an important role in inclusion strategies.

The second announcement in the email revealed the process for forming the university-wide Steering Committee for Inclusion. As of Monday, students, faculty and staff can submit an application to the committee.

The email explained the committee will have a maximum of 20 participants, 10 from the student body and 10 from the faculty and staff. Hennigan expressed the importance of representation from all schools and undergraduate and graduate programs.

Hennigan sees the committee operating with sub-teams, including Communications, Policies and Procedures, Specific Advisory Teams, Student Assistance and Diversity by the Numbers. Applicants are encouraged to identify which sub-team they are interested in.

“The goal of the Steering Committee is to identify opportunities, develop strategies, and report on accountability in areas that will create an inclusive environment on campus,” Hennigan wrote in the email.

Applications are due Feb. 7 and can be submitted to Lisa Stefanko or returned to the Human Resources office.

The first Steering Committee meeting will be held no later than Mar. 14.