SAEM Club, CAB announce Spring Concert headliner

Drake Bell, Northern Whale to perform on campus in March

Written By Dara Collins, Editor-in-Chief

Drake Bell from the hit Nickelodeon television series “Drake and Josh” will headline the Spring Concert hosted by Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management (SAEM) Club and Campus Activities Board (CAB).

“We wanted to get an artist that we knew that every student would know and would like, and we thought, ‘well, what about Drake Bell,’ because he was on ‘Drake and Josh,’ and this generation of students all grew up watching him, so we just tried and we got it,” Christy Martin, President of SAEM Club, said.

Bell will be accompanied by supporting act Northern Whale. The alternative indie pop band from Youngstown, Ohio has played at Point Park before, and Martin says the clubs invited it back for the upcoming concert.

The concert will take place on Wednesday, March 18 at 7 p.m. in Point Park’s Lawrence Hall Ballroom.

Tickets went on sale at 4 p.m. on Thursday for $5 for students and $10 for the public. Tickets could be purchased on, and VIP upgrades could be found on

Tickets sold out in less than 24 hours for the events.

“That’s amazing…the students really responded to it, and the public did as well,” Martin said. “Everybody’s really excited for it to happen.”

SAEM Club and CAB began planning for the Spring Concert near the end of October or beginning of November, according to Martin.

“We both put on very similar events and both very big events with the students, so we wanted to combine forces to make this spring concert the best one ever…Alone, we can only do so much, but together, we can make it really good.” Martin said.

Martin generally explained the pitch SAEM Club gives to artists’ agents when booking a show for the university.

“We explain that we are a small school and that the SAEM program is meant to give our members real world experience, so this concert would benefit the students in a real world experience scenario,” Martin said.

Now that SAEM booked and announced the act, Martin thinks of the work ahead.

“So much has happened already because we already have to book the venue, which is going to be in Lawrence Hall Ballroom, and then we have to go over all the safety precautions and how many volunteers we need, the staging, the lighting, the sound, and then contracts…the whole process is very in depth, and it’s a lot more than you would think,” Martin said. “It’s going to happen all the way up until the show.”

Although months of preparation are needed for a show that will only last a few hours, Martin is excited for the reaction of the student body when the day of the event arrives.

“I’m excited to see everyone else so excited because this year we wanted to take SAEM club to new heights,” Martin said. “Each year we want to get bigger and better, and this is the biggest thing that we’ve ever done, so I’m just really excited to see all the students so happy that we could bring in someone that they like and enjoy.”