‘You’ returns for second season


Written By Tia Bailey, Co-Features/A&E Editor

Netflix’s popular show “You” came back for a second season on Dec. 26 with the return of its controversial serial killer protagonist, now on the run and disguising his identity.


To recap season one (spoilers ahead), Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a bookstore clerk in New York City, became infatuated with customer Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and began to stalk her. He also served as a parental figure for his young neighbor, Paco. The first season ended with Joe having murdered multiple people and a surprise appearance from Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace, who claimed to have “unfinished business” with Joe.


Season two starts in California, with Joe (now going by “Will”) on the run from Candace. Through some flashbacks, we see what exactly happened between the two that made them part ways. Without revealing too much, Joe has always been as crazy and obsessive as he was with Guinevere Beck.


Now in hiding in a state he hates, “Will” is introduced to new characters such as his employers Love and Forty Quinn, his landlord Delilah and her younger sister Ellie and comedian Hendy. “Will” becomes obsessed with Love and looks after Ellie’s safety like he did for Paco back in New York.


The show has flashbacks of Joe’s past, showing the struggles he had growing up even before he met Mr. Mooney (the bookstore owner who took Joe in as a kid). Young Joe suffered abuse from his father, but he later uses some of those techniques on his victims in California. The flashbacks add more backstory and context as to why Joe is the way that he is.


“Will” forms several relationships and friendships throughout the season while hiding from Candace, and much like season one, he would do anything for them—even kill. The season ends with some surprising deaths and a twist about an important character.


The second season of “You” is full of satisfying shocks and surprises, much like the first season.


The season ends in a way that implies there will be a third. A third season for the show was somewhat confirmed by main actor Penn Badgley during an interview, but this has not been confirmed by Netflix yet.