AJR releases ‘Bang!’-er

Written By Logan Dubil, Staff Writer

Adam, Jack and Ryan, also known as the AJR brothers, have been around longer than you think. Active since 2005, AJR is 15 years into their career — one that has not been an uphill ride. These three talented performers started off covering bands on the streets and at local venues, before finally being discovered and signed. Their discovery is what led to their career’s launch, a discovery that has provided new and exciting music to millions of fans around the world.

“I’m Ready” was released, soon followed by top hits like “Weak” and “Sober Up.” As if AJR’s hits were not good enough, their “Neotheater” album was a nice surprise to their ever-growing fanbase. Do not worry, though. AJR is not done yet, and they released their newest single: “Bang!” on YouTube this past week.

That is right! You thought “Don’t Throw Out My Legos” was the best they could do. Well, think again. After announcing the “Bang!” release date via Instagram, fans quickly began to set the bar high for Feb.12. When the day arrived, listeners were not only given the opportunity to enjoy a unique beat, but began to form opinions about the meaning of the lyrics.

“I get up, I get down. And I’m jumping around. And the rumpus and ruckus are comfortable now. Been a hell of a ride. But I’m thinking it’s time to grow,” are the lines that start of AJR’s newest piece. These lyrics are catchy, yes, but more importantly true to the band’s vision for the future. The three brothers are pleased with their progress so far. Now that they are accustomed to their increasing number of fans, AJR seeks expansion, which all starts with the release of this song.

“Bang!” offers the audience a chance to appreciate AJR’s unique genre to a further extent. Those new to the work of Adam, Jack and Ryan will instantly be drawn into the balanced combination of vocals and instrumental effects, while those who are familiar with their work will be happy with the song’s outcome. “Bang!” is not identical to past songs but sheds a sense of familiarity to their audience.

The lyrics most open to interpretation in the song are as follows:

“Let’s go out with a bang. Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Though many are afraid that these lyrics are the band’s attempt to say goodbye forever to the entertainment industry, this is far from the truth…hopefully.

AJR sings these words in hope of ending their last album and its story with a “Bang!” in order to successfully progress into the next stages of their careers, which, in a perfect world, will be filled with more songs, albums, tours, merchandise-you name it.

As a fan of AJR’s most popular songs, I enthusiastically recommend their new release. At first, I was nervous it would not come near the perfection of its predecessors. Now, I can go so far as to say that “Bang!” traveled up my favorite AJR song list into the top five. It was a great edition to AJR’s portfolio, do not get me wrong, but nothing can beat the classics.