My Chemical Romance tour causes Ticketmaster fiasco

Written By Kylie Thomas

My Chemical Romance is one of the most popular rock bands to date. Their hit “Welcome To The Black Parade,” among many other fan-favorites, continues to be played and loved by many. Recently, the band got back together after a six-year break and announced a national tour. Fans were ecstatic—that was until on Jan. 31 when tickets went on sale, and Ticketmaster caused a riot with what they call “Dynamic Pricing” and the queue.

Ticketmaster tries to keep fans from getting scammed, but the end result, especially with the My Chemical Romance tickets, is disaster.

Firstly, Ticketmaster sets up a queue which opens 10 minutes before tickets go on sale. Here fans wait for the tickets to go on sale and the site brings them into the ticket selection according to their number in the queue.

The queue is supposed to be a way that fans can compete against other humans rather than having to compete against bots for tickets. The problem with the queue, however, is that human resellers can still buy up tickets and resell them for thousands of dollars.

This was one of the many issues for My Chemical Romance fans. Once the queue opened up, most fans had over 2,000 people in front of them, most of which were resellers. Once fans finally got into the actual buying selection, tickets were all gone and were being resold for up to $7,000 for one ticket.

This is also due to the fact that unlike other bands, My Chemical Romance didn’t hold a fan presale with a code or Verified Fan presale where Ticketmaster would choose certain verified fans to have a code over resellers first. Instead, everyone competed at once for the tickets no matter if someone was a fan for 15 years or was someone just trying to get tickets to resell.

The queue wasn’t even the main trouble with Ticketmaster, though. Unfortunately, most fans nowadays use the same system, so fans are used to taking a chance when it comes to getting any tickets period. The main problem with Ticketmaster for fans is the use of “Dynamic Pricing” for the event.

According to the Ticketmaster website, “In some instances, events on our platform may have tickets that are ‘market-priced,’ so ticket and fee prices may adjust over time based on demand. This is similar to how airline tickets and hotel rooms are sold, and is commonly referred to as “Dynamic Pricing.”

Tickets to arena concerts and shows are normally on the pricey side, especially after fees and other charges. The My Chemical Romance tour is no exception to this since it is an arena tour.

Ticket prices were to start out in the range of $59 for nosebleeds to $200 for floor tickets, without fees. However, once Ticketmaster realized there were over 2,000 people, the exact number was never released. It only said that 2,000+ were waiting for tickets, and because of the large number of people, the prices increased.

Nosebleeds that were originally $59 were now anywhere from $250 and upwards. Floor ticket prices were now $400, if someone got lucky, but were mostly seen for $600 and up. Tickets were now also being considered “Official Platinum” which are part of the “Dynamic Pricing” system.

Altogether, the whole thing was a disaster, leaving many fans empty-handed and upset. While there is hope that My Chemical Romance and other bands will learn from this experience and start using other sites or services, the tour still sold out in under six hours, so it’s doubtful they will. So for now, it seems that Ticketmaster still rules over shows, jacks up ticket prices and leaves fans crying over not being able to get tickets.