The Globe’s Point – Become involved politically

As the Democratic primaries heat up, more and more people get involved in politics by going out and registering to vote, volunteering for campaigns or simply supporting their favorite candidates.

But national politics are not the only outlet for individuals who may be hungry for political activism. There are plenty of local options, including the Student Government Association (SGA) here on campus.

Students can attend weekly SGA legislative body meetings every Monday at 3:15 p.m., where they can address SGA members directly about concerns or suggestions they may have for the university. There is also an SGA election coming up within the next month or so. This is a perfect time for students to start paying attention to SGA, find a candidate to support, get involved in campaigns and vote. It’s like practice for the big election in November.

But SGA isn’t the only option. Up the street from the university on Grant Street, there’s the City-County Building. It is home to the mayor’s office, and it also hosts regular meetings of the City Council. According to the Pittsburgh government website, the City Council “proposes, debates, and votes on legislation governing and/or affecting the city.” Downtown Pittsburgh is represented on the City Council by Councilman R. Daniel Lavelle.

In addition to SGA and the City-Council, it is always a good idea to contact your state representative, as well as your district’s elected representative in Congress and senators for issues that you care about. A well-crafted letter or phone call can go a long way. So don’t forget about your more local options when you want to get involved in politics, and don’t forget to vote!