The Globe’s Point – Raising our standards

Written By The Globe Editorial Staff

The Globe’s writing standards have not been updated in a long time. It’s been several semesters before the standards that we have displayed on our website have undergone revisions, however, this has recently changed.

The Globe has officially updated our writing standards, and we would like to direct your attention to a specific portion of our updated standards.

Under the “noteworthy” section of our new standards, it reads:

“Point Park and the City of Pittsburgh is a diverse area. Respect everyone regardless of your personal views and be mindful of your word choice. If any article or section of an article comes across as derogatory and/or disrespectful and/or singles out an individual/group of people, you will be asked to alter the piece or it will be cut from publication entirely.”

This update specifically applies to the opinions section. We at The Globe want our readers to know that while we refused to publish derogatory content in the past, we felt the need to have this policy in concrete writing. Not only does this new policy inform our readers of our definitive stance on what deserves to be in print, but it allows us to more effectively turn down offensive content that is submitted to our editors.

Our new standards also require our staff members to act in a professional and courteous manner both in person and online. We hope that the Point Park community holds our staff accountable to this requirement. We also hope that our updated standards better reflect our mission and incredible people that we serve.

The entirety of our new standards can be found on our website ( under “Contribute to The Globe” in the “About” section.