Trump mishandles COVID-19

Written By Logan Dubil

As we are all aware, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spirals out of control. Not the virus itself, but the way it has been handled over the past week or so. 

From Point Park to the President of the United States, decisions revolving this national emergency have caused panic and uncertainty across the board. Two reactions that should be avoided at all costs. 

Focusing on Trump and his administration, his lack of professionalism towards the situation is extremely disappointing (as it is with all currently active politicians). 

When the coronavirus first started to spread, no one in the United States, or Point Park for that matter, was concerned. Then, country after country began to experience infections, lock-downs and restrictions. 

This should have been the moment where Trump intervened to make the American people feel safe. Instead, he continued his daily life, which mainly consists of attacking his political opponents on Twitter.

Earth to Donald…to start, you have the 2020 election in the bag. Do not throw away the victory by failing to do what is expected of any sitting president: ensuring the safety of your people. 

Even if you do have the 2020 election secured, now is not the time to worry about your campaign. Now is the time to worry about your duties and responsibilities. Get your priorities together.

Although Trump’s initial approach is disagreeable, do not join the crowd in blaming him for the coronavirus. This, in my opinion, is unacceptable behavior from the public. 

As president, tough decisions must be made when dealing with a sudden situation like this. It is unfair to blame Trump for the spreading of this virus when we already know who is at fault. 

He is trying his best to put our interests first; the least we can do is support him during these tough and scary times. 

Not until recently did Trump throw on his big boy pants and address the nation as he should have in the first place. Now that he is taking things seriously, my respect for him slowly replenishes. 

To start, Trump donated his quarterly salary to fight the coronavirus. This is extremely presidential of him, as he provides personal contributions to the pandemic at hand. 

Vice President Mike Pence also announced a new step to help the American people fight the virus: Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances will cover the coronavirus tests, saving U.S. residents time and money.

One of the largest precautions taken is a new travel ban that became effective at midnight on March 13. This specific restriction, according to the White House’s website, “applies to foreign nationals who have been in the Schengen Area, 26 countries in Europe with open borders agreements, in the last 14 days.”

It is hopeful that this action will drastically slow down the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S. With Europe’s infected population rapidly increasing, it is important that people stop traveling to and from this region. 

At the end of the day, it is important to understand the stress Trump faces. He has over 300 million people to look after. One wrong decision could end up costing the lives of many people. Not having faith in our president’s ability to govern will do anything but help the problem.

Calm down, cover your mouth and wash your hands. The president will do his job. You do yours.