Bernie Sanders: the better choice

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Co-News Editor

Picture this: it’s Nov. 3, 2020. You’re up late, watching CNN with your friends. A pizza box and empty White Claw cans decorate the depressing scene as you watch Joe Biden lose to Donald Trump by 200 electoral votes. Your uncle shoots you a text reading “Still your president! MAGA!”

The months leading up to the election were no better. During one of the debates, Biden referred to himself as Donald Trump and called his running mate, Kamala Harris, Michelle. Trump and the rest of the Republican party spent millions on advertisements showing Biden’s repeated gaffes, and the Attorney General indicted Hunter Biden on corruption charges, because Trump and his associates can just get away with that.

By the end of Trump’s second term, the Supreme Court will lean 7-2. Justice Jeanine Pirro will cast the deciding vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Irreparable harm will have been done to the planet, and we will no longer be in a position to stop the climate catastrophe. Don Jr. is Secretary of State and Eric is Postmaster General. Ivanka will run in 2024 and become the first female president, because #Resistance twitter accounts will claim that Democratic candidate Rashida Tlaib is too angry.

We wash, rinse and repeat this cycle for the next twenty to thirty years until rising sea levels cause the collapse of global society, and we all die.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The night before Super Tuesday, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped out of the race and endorsed Joe Biden. Beto O’Rourke skateboarded out of hiding to endorse Biden and threw away all of the credibility he’d built up with his “for the people, not PACs, campaign.” Then, on Super Tuesday, Biden won ten states. After Super Tuesday, Mike Bloomberg dropped out and put his billions of dollars and vast media empire behind Joe Biden.

Elizabeth Warren has since dropped out, and despite Joe Biden suggesting J.P. Morgan’s CEO to be Secretary of the Treasury and Mike Bloomberg to be in charge of the World Bank, she says she is unsure of who to endorse.

Now, unlike some of my fellow Sanders supporters, I still respect Elizabeth Warren. I think she made some bad calls late in the race, but I still think she would have made a great president. So here’s the pitch:

It is time for progressives to unite. If you’re a Warren supporter considering supporting Biden, then you clearly never actually cared about her policies, but simply her aesthetic. But if you are willing to give Sanders a chance, and lend your support to the movement, we can win this thing.

The establishment will do everything they can to stop Bernie Sanders, and the only way that he can win is by continuing to build the historic coalition that he is building. They have hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal. But we will have the people. When the Not Me, Us Movement beats Trump, and saves this country, those who doubted and fought against us will claim to have been with us. Our movement will be big enough to let them.

Warren and Sanders supporters are in the same fight, and both groups must come together to build the largest progressive coalition in history. As Senator Sanders said when he endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016, “we are stronger together.”