‘Invisible Man’ second reboot pleases critics

Written By Tia Bailey

Elizabeth Moss fights her invisible ex-boyfriend in “The Invisible Man.”

The film was released to theaters on Feb. 28 and currently has a 91 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 

“The Invisible Man” focuses on Cecilia Kass (Elizabeth Moss) and her escape from her abusive boyfriend who works in optics, Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). The beginning sequence is a near-silent escape scene, where we see Cecilia drug Adrian and begin to dismantle all the security cameras in the house. This scene also foreshadows how the movie will end. After narrowly escaping to her sister, Cecilia is free—or so she thought. 

A few weeks after her escape, Adrian commits suicide, but Cecilia begins to experience many strange happenings that lead her to believe that Adrian staged his death and found a way to make himself invisible to torment her. 

Naturally, everyone in her life thinks she is imagining him, and more unexplainable things keep happening to ruin Cecilia’s life.

The movie doesn’t make the audience think Cecilia is going crazy and shows exactly what she sees happening. Her friends and family, however, do not believe what she says. They tell her that Adrian has found a way to continue to torment her, even in death, but not by being invisible. He got in her head so much that she believes he could turn himself invisible when he really is not. 

The sci-fi horror movie shows how manipulation and gaslighting can affect someone, especially what they believe is true. 

“The Invisible Man” is a Blumhouse Productions film, with a twist and unexpected ending. The themes of manipulation and revenge make the 2-hour runtime anything but boring. The movie is still playing in theaters.