New virus or government conspiracy?

Written By Shannon Hartnett, Co-Opinions Editor

Calling all conspiracy theorists, there’s a new one popping up on social media. Apparently, every United States election year there has been a new virus that sweeps the globe. The viruses are listed as follows: SARS – 2004, AVIAN – 2008, SWINE – 2010, MERS – 2012, EBOLA – 2014, ZIKA – 2016, EBOLA – 2018, CORONA – 2020. Is this a coincidence? I think not.

Now, many of these viruses may have not originated in the U.S. My thought, however, is that the United States conspires to allow the virus to penetrate into not only the American immune systems, but the American minds to produce sickness, but even more unfortunately to produce anxiety and chaos. Think about it, the election years are hectic enough with dealing with changing political climates and candidates who love money far more than the idea of winning the election. Let’s face it, politics are more evil than good. When candidates step up to the platform, they preach their standpoints and how they will fix America at large, but underneath all of this they fear the public eye watching their every move.

As the population gears up to vote in April and then again in November, I believe that politicians fear they will be publicly smeared, and in retaliation, attempt to scare the public eye into focusing on something else. We see this tactic used all the time in politics against one another, who is to say they wouldn’t use it at large to help them win an election. While the citizens of America are distracted by the coronavirus, the political parties are creeping around trying to upset the competition.

As politics becomes the new religion of America and news outlets run 24 hours a day, it has become harder and harder to make mistakes and play dirty as a politician, without the American people noticing. I log onto Twitter and all I see are coronavirus stories. Every possible angle, idea and thought about the virus is published. I think this is an attempt to distract people from the upcoming election and scare them into voting.

One thing that I truly believe is that there is not a single politician rising to power simply because they are perfect people who only care about helping others.

Therefore, to distract the public from the morally wrong and illegal things that they do they publicize viruses that have the potential to scare people enough to turn away from politics for a certain period of time.