The Globe’s Point – If you need help, we’re here

In two days, campus will be nearly empty. For some of you, this is not the best outcome.

Last week, a whole lot of chaos was created when the deadline to move out was created and then shortly moved up. In fact, we had to rewrite and revise our coverage numerous times in the moments leading up to our deadline to send the paper to print. It was all pretty whiplash-inducing. 

Now, there’s an even bigger problem: some Pioneers are being forced from the safety of their dorms, suites and apartments into homes that may be unsafe. 

Many students who this applies to took their concerns to Twitter, and we at The Globe read every single one. Our hearts are broken for you. Your requests to remain in the safety of your on-campus housing, where quarantining and self-isolation are still possible, were denied without reason. You’re also required to keep up with online coursework while coordinating moving-out and adjusting to life back home in a new, scary world. 

This is an odd and unfair time. We at The Globe understand that there is no fun hashtag or any other method of reassurance that can help at this time. However, we can assure you that our editors and writers are working day in and day out to provide you with answers. We are in constant contact with the administration, as well as the Student Government Association, to get to the bottom of things. Expanding the negotiation power of the students is one task that must be completed, and this is more evident now than it has ever been before. Know that you have a dedicated group of student leaders who are working very hard on your behalf. It is our job to do so, and we would be remiss if we started slacking now. 

For Pioneers who may be feeling unsafe at home right now, feel free to reach out to The Globe’s editorial staff. We would be more than willing to assist you in connecting to resources that can help you, as well as letting your concerns be known to the administration. 

Please stay as safe as possible, everyone. We’re counting on you.