Advice amidst the chaos

Written By Shannon Hartnett, Co-Opinions Editor

Obviously the world is going absolutely bonkers trying to figure out what needs to be done during quarantine. I’ve read different articles that range from the idea that we will be quarantined until June, the economy will crash and we will all die. On the other hand, there’s also the “rational” thought that this entire pandemic is a hoax and we shouldn’t be in isolation right now; the large majority of people lie somewhere in between. No matter where your thoughts lie, I think we can come to an understanding that some people are downright losing their minds. 

For instance, some of these people are the spring breakers who want to congregate in masses outside to continue partying without consideration for others, or the people who bought 24 packs of toilet paper and left many to fend for themselves. These outrageous actions are not helping anyone and are simply careless. With a global pandemic, people should take more consideration of what they do and how it may affect others. This might be the event that shapes the next generation. I’ve even heard people saying the next generation will be called Gen C in honor of the COVID-19. 

Could we be living through a historical moment that defines the next 20 years? It sounds crazy to assume so, yet here my younger sister is, writing the Diaries of the COVID-19 quarantine for her eighth-grade class as they gear up to learn about “The Diary of Anne Frank.” Could these next couple weeks really define the next generation as 9/11 defined ours? 

Amidst the chaos, there are real and sad realities that many of us will face. One large group being affected is both high school and college graduating classes of 2020. High schoolers are going to start the next journey of their lives, possibly without ever really finishing the journey they left behind. Things like SAT/AP tests, college tours and senior seasons of sports are all stripped from these high schoolers and now they must continue on without possibly having them. Of course, there’s our college seniors who are being thrown into the workforce early, without those last couple weeks of preparation. Missing out on graduation ceremonies, interviews they had set up, maybe even career counseling, all gone.  

Another group of people that comes to mind, is anyone who works in the industry of excess. Of course jobs will eventually resume, but the people who make their wages off of others who are willing to spend extra will suffer. This ranges anywhere from small restaurants, tattoo shops, amusement park employees; basically anyone who’s job is not essential to daily living. This is not because they are out of work for however many weeks this lasts, but because at the end of this people may be hesitant to spend their excess money on things they don’t need. They instead might choose to catch up on their bills and payments that suffered during this time of quarantine. 

Through all of this messy unknown, it’s really hard to see any pros. I’ve really only listed two cons that jump into my head out of the thousands of concerns and health problems people are dealing with. How can we focus on the good amidst the horrible? Well, my friends, I don’t have the answer but let’s all start by trying to think of one good thing a day to motivate us. Start by thinking of one thing you have to look forward to when the world resumes. Think of things you can do now that you have extra time. Enjoy the extra time you might have with your family. Appreciate your health and try not to take your daily routine for granted in the future. Clearly, a majority of us have a lot of time on our hands, and I think one of the best ways to come out of this craziness is with a positive mindset on how to make life better in the future.