How to manage stress during unforeseen circumstances

Written By Halle Compton

Quarantine has left most trapped in the confinement of their own homes. Not being able to leave and enjoy the nice weather has put a dent in some people’s mental health. Lack of communication between friends, the transition to online classes and the pandemic as a whole has caused people to feel unnecessary stress.

Social distancing has shown what the government is doing to handle this pandemic. But shutting down states and limiting time outside can put a damper on some people’s moods. This can affect how they work, how they study and can start bad habits.

Point Park students have voiced their ways on how they handle stress in these trying times. Amanee Madanat, a sophomore political science major, lives close to Philadelphia. Philly has many confirmed cases of the novel covid-19 virus. She handles her stress by taking her mind off things and listening to music to distract her mind.

”Doing cardio in my room helps me a lot,” Madanat said.

She also said that exercising and meditating can be ways to help distract yourself, and that though it may not be for everyone, it could be worth it to try.

Chad Mercer, a sophomore forensic science major, says that he’s mainly concerned about his classes and how they’ll run. He says that having chemistry and biology labs where the students need to be hands on doesn’t necessarily work when all classes are moved online. He deals with this stress systematically, addressing the problem and coming up with solutions, saying that “sleeping and just taking a moment to breath helps.” He also says that getting a good night’s sleep will rejuvenate the body and leave you with a better mood, and that setting a sleep schedule can keep you on track

Megan McKenzie, a sophomore multimedia major, occupies her mind by bullet journaling.

“One thing that helps reduce my stress about my workload is writing all my tasks down in my journal,” McKenzie said. Bullet journaling is a form of journaling that uses both organization and creativity. It can allow whomever to express themself in whatever way they please.

Keeping a busy mind can easily help with the lack of socialization. Picking up hobbies or learning a new skill is something that everyone can do. Teach yourself a new language, start a workout routine, make new crafts, start scrapbooking. But most importantly, look after yourself. Take deep breaths, take a break and slow down. Don’t overwork your body and mind.