Music to get you through quarantine

Written By Jared Murphy, News Photo Editor

With 30 more days added to quarantine, cabin fever will start setting in (if it hasn’t already). The days feel longer and most times I don’t even know what day of the week it is. Helping to keep me sane, here are some of my favorite bands that have made my quarantine bearable.

Idles-Anyone who says punk is dead hasn’t heard of Idles. Idles are a great example of what a modern-day punk band should be: politically driven and partnered with heavy guitar riffs that’ll make anyone get up and move around. Every time I put on “Joy as an Act of Resistance,” I can’t help myself from dancing around my apartment.

Skeggs– Skeggs is the perfect band to listen to driving down the road on a warm day with all the windows down. Skeggs is an Australian surf rock and punk band that’ll have every song stuck in your head after one listen. With the weather warming up and every one confined to their homes, this band will lift your spirits and leave you with a smile on your face.

Short Fictions– Short Fictions is a local Pittsburgh emo band. Their debut album, “Fates Worse Than Death,” released late last year and has heavy emo revival influence while combating issues such as climate change and the gentrification of the city. Short Fictions is constantly playing local shows, and there’s no better place to hear the album than in a packed Pittsburgh basement.

Elvis Depressedly– Elvis Depressedly is an experimental pop lo-fi project from Mathew Lee Cothran of Asheville, NC.

This project has a very unique sound that Cothran has fine-tuned over the years. Elvis Depressedly is a true example of an indie project. Cothran records almost all of his own music out of his home. For his latest release, “Jane Don’t You Know Me?” Cothran recorded it using the same Korg multi track-recording machine he’d been using since he was a teenager.

Cothran isn’t afraid to experiment and try new sounds that can be heard throughout his discography. Elvis Depressedly is a must for anyone looking for something different, or to expand their listening catalog.

Willow Hill Motel– Willow Hill Motel is a psychedelic emo band from Pittsburgh, PA. Their ep “Friends & Family” is another great example of local Pittsburgh emo. 

Willow Hill Motel writes some of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in a while. The opening riff in “Family & Friends” has been stuck in my head since the first time I heard it. Cabrera’s lyrics are vulnerable and written in the midst of heartbreak. Between the unique guitar riffs and the brutally honest lyrics, Willow Hill Motel is an essential check out for those who’re feeling down and needing something relatable.  

Frequently playing house shows in the area, this band is another must-see in a Pittsburgh basement.