Campus Activities Board Virtualizes Disney Trivia Night

Written By Kylie Thomas

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted its first virtual trivia night on Tuesday, Sept. 8. The trivia night is a part of a consistent series with a different theme each week. This first event was a Disney themed trivia night and included questions about movies, television shows and Disney park favorites.

Shelby Armetta is the Vice President of programming for CAB and the host of the Disney trivia night. The idea for the event came whenever the club began to plot out safe events for the semester. 

“While working with the SAIL Office to plan virtual events, we decided to make it a weekly recurring event to have some consistency,” Armetta said. 

The trivia night lasted two hours and consisted of two different rounds which were played on the app Kahoot. Each round had 50 questions ranging from detailed movie and television show trivia to questions about different rides in Disneyworld. 

“We gave a 30-minute break in between rounds for players to get snacks and time for new players to join,” Armetta said. “There are two separate groups of winners for each round and winners cannot win twice in a night.”

Winners are pulled from first, second, and third place and receive an e-gift card to limit personal interaction as much as possible. There are plenty of chances to win and many opportunities for fun, especially if you’re playing with roommates, like sophomore Sara Waldman.

“My roommates and I have really chaotic schedules so we don’t get to hang out much,” Walman said. “This trivia night was the perfect opportunity for us to all sit down together and have a great time while competing for prizes.”

Using Kahoot allows for the opportunity to have as many people to join as possible. Roommates can even set up one laptop and all play a round. 

“We had a great turnout for the first night,” Armetta said. “I’m hoping it’s something people catch on to and look forward to each week as we continue to improve it.”

Sophomore Emily Barkhimer is already looking forward to making the trivia night a tradition.

“My friends and I back home had a tradition of going to a trivia night every week so I’m really excited that CAB has started a weekly trivia night too,” said Barkhimer. “I’m so excited to be able to make a new tradition of going to trivia night with my new friends.”

The virtual trivia night is another safe event option being provided to students by campus organizations. CAB wants students to know that they can still have a great time on campus while staying safe and keeping others safe as well. 

“Our goal is to ensure that students have something fun to do instead of just sitting around alone in their dorms,” Armetta said.

Students can join in on the next Trivia Tuesday by using the Zoom link on the club’s PointSync page or by keeping an eye out for the link on the Campus Activity Board Instagram (@pointparkcab).

Anyone wishing to be a part of the planning of trivia nights or CAB can join by reaching out to [email protected], any CAB social media pages, or asking anyone working the events.