Class and COVID

Written By Jake Dabkowski

At this point, everyone knows that things are bad. It’s an objective truth of reality right now that the world, especially America, is what scientists would refer to as “not vibing.” COVID-19 has wrecked the economy, and the Trump administration has failed to address the growing meltdown. 

Billionaires, corporations and the ruling class want you to believe that “we are all in this together.” They want you to believe that because everyone is hurting you shouldn’t be allowed to complain or criticize the current situation.

Forty million people are facing eviction, five million people lost their health insurance in the spring, Jeff Bezos became the first person to be worth over 200 billion dollars: We are not all in this together.

Congress and the Trump administration has provided “small business” loans: Forbes Media got a loan of at least five million dollars, Mitch McConnel’s wife Elen Chao’s business “Foremost Maritime” received a loan valued at one million dollars. The Ayn Rand Institute, a think tank based upon the writings of conservative libertarian writer Ayn Rand, who spent her entire life railing about how people don’t deserve government handouts and should pull themselves up from their bootstraps, received a loan valued upwards of one million dollars. And T.G.I. Friday’s received a loan of at least 5 million dollars.

Keep in mind that these are “small business” loans. T.G.I. Friday’s is not a small business. Forbes Media is not a small business. But it doesn’t matter, because they got their bailout, and you didn’t. We are not all in this together.

The coronavirus crisis affects the working class more than it affects anyone else. Jeff Bezos could burn ten million dollars a day for the entirety of 2020 and he’d still be the richest man in the world. A majority of Americans are struggling to make rent. We are not all in this together.

But here we are, reopening America and “liberating” the country. But there’s nothing liberating about forcing the working class out of their homes back to work, in what is objectively unsafe conditions.

People argue: “well if everyone wears masks and social distances, everyone will be fine.” But that’s not how it works, because people are stupid and cannot be trusted. Some people just don’t want to wear a mask, and coronavirus conspiracies are far more common than people think. One in three Americans believe that the death count is being deliberately exaggerated.

Many upper middle class Americans have the ability to work from home. Many lower class Americans do not. The push to “reopen America” was never actually about “fixing the economy,” it was about those fortunate enough to stay in their homes to continue to work from home while having the luxuries they were missing, like going to Applebee’s and Gamestop, back at their disposal.

The government failed everyone here. The economic meltdown is not because of the coronavirus, it is because of the archaic methods of addressing this issue that was taken by Washington. Every single American should have been given a check for 2,000 dollars every month. And don’t even think about asking me “but how are you going to pay for that” when Jeff  Bezos just added 13 million dollars to his net worth in a single day and T.G.I. Friday’s got a loan of five million dollars. The money is there, Trump would just rather give that money to his friends instead of you.