How soon is too soon to decorate for the holidays?

Written By Tia Bailey

It is now September, and that means  summer is nearly over. Autumn is coming, and the seasons approaching bring what are debatably the best holidays—the “-ber” months give us the “holy trinity.”

Once August ends, Twitter is filled with tweets from people saying it’s now the time to decorate for Halloween, or even Christmas. These tweets always spark debates about when it is appropriate to decorate for the holidays.

Some people firmly believe that you should wait until the month of the holiday to decorate and not one day sooner.

Others feel that the second summer is over, it’s Halloween or Christmas, and they’re already out with their pumpkin lattes and peppermint mochas shopping for jack-o-lanterns and Santas.

In my household, we agree with the latter. As soon as the clock hits midnight on September 1 (sometimes even August 1), we are driving out to the nearest Spirit Halloween for decorations and hitting up Bath and Body Works for the fall candles.

While we go all out for Halloween, we wait until about mid-December to decorate for Christmas. Others start preparing for Christmas while we are getting ready for Halloween.

Nobody can seem to agree on a “correct” time to decorate, or when to take down the decorations.

The truth is, there is no “right” time to decorate or take down your decorations. If keeping your house as a winter wonderland or haunted house all year around makes you happy, then it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

I will always say that Halloween should be celebrated and decorated for all year round, while some of my closest friends will tell me that I am wrong and need to be celebrating Christmas in July. We will always have friendly banter about this and insist that we are the ones in the right. But at the end of the day, we know it’s all subjective.

It is your house and your life, and as long as it’s not hurting anyone, it really doesn’t matter what you do with it. Go all out or never decorate for any holiday, all that matters is that you are happy.

So go out and buy your Thanksgiving decorations in February, or dress up for Valentine’s Day in the middle of the summer. I’ll keep watching Halloweentown all year round, and my friends will listen to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on repeat.

Especially living in a pandemic, anything you can do for even a little ounce of happiness in your life is absolutely worth it.