Pioneer Public: Owen Stetson

Written By Tia Bailey

Owen Stetson is a junior sports, arts and entertainment major, but you might know him better as the owner of  the popular-among-students Instagram page, pointparkmemes.

The account has always been anonymously run, but Stetson decided to do a face reveal last week. Stetson was not the original owner of the account but actually took it over on behalf of the original owner, who was his friend. 

“I took over in the summer of 2019,” Stetson said. “I was like, ‘hey, I have some pretty good memes, can I have it?’”

Prior to owning the account, Stetson was not a fan of social media. However, once he took it up, he found himself enjoying it. 

“I got addicted to the clout,” he said. “I enjoyed making things that people found funny and relatable.” 

Stetson made most of the memes that were posted on the page, but did take submissions for memes to post on the account’s story. He says that making relatable content was the best part of running the page. However, with Covid, there isn’t much relatable content to make anymore.

“Not too much has happened lately, and there are only so many memes you can make about Zoom meetings,” Stetson said. 

That being said, Stetson is unsure if he will continue to post on the account, or if he will pass it off to another anonymous owner. He is taking a gap semester or gap year while things with the coronavirus get sorted out. 

“I’m going to keep it for now,” he said. “I think people would like to see new ownership, but I think I’ll keep it to just me for a while.” 

Stetson does enjoy running the account, and it is really the only social media he checks or cares about. 

“I post the occasional artsy thing on my main [account],” he said. “I only have cool ideas once or twice a month.” 

Stetson does plan on keeping the page for at least a little longer, and hopes that there will be more content to post soon.