The Neighbourhood puts out “Pretty Boy” EP

Written By Kylie Thomas

4.5/5 Globes


The indie/alternative band, The Neighbourhood, has recently put out four songs which they have compiled onto an EP titled, “Pretty Boy.” These four songs have been released on different dates starting with “Middle of Somewhere,” which was released back in August 2019. The song was put out as a single for the band’s upcoming album but was put onto the “Pretty Boy” EP.

 The EP was released on Aug. 28 and is filled with pre-released songs from the band’s upcoming album, “Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones,” which will come out Sept. 25. The Chip Chrome aesthetic was teased on the band’s latest tour as singer, Jesse Rutherford, came out dressed as Chip Chrome, in complete chrome costuming and makeup. Rutherford also sang “Middle of Somewhere” to open the show, so this all may be a tease of how the next album and tour will look for The Neighbourhood.

“Middle of Somewhere” is an interesting song choice for the band. It’s almost solely composed of acoustic guitar and vocals with very few synths in the background. It’s a soft song to escape away from the world while listening to it. The soft, choir-like background vocals add another dimension to the song, making it almost sound like the listener is in a dream.

The music video reflects the aesthetic and nostalgia of the piece. Rutherford, dressed as Chip Chrome, wanders countrysides as different trippy visuals of Rutherford and other scenic places flash across the screen. It looks like it could be a color music video from the ’60s, a perfect pairing for such a dreamy song.

The next song released was “Cherry Flavoured” which premiered on July 31. This is the song that made The Neighbourhood announce their future album. The song sounds more like previous work from the band but still has this indie, psychedelic energy to it. The song is very slow-moving but is filled with synth background vocals and slow guitar chords, allowing for Rutherford’s vocals to stand out yet again. “Cherry Flavoured” sounds like it would be the perfect stoner or psychedelic song, like a track that was lost in the ’70s.

The song’s music video is a series of cartoons that look like a bad acid trip. The style of the cartoon is a lot like old Nickelodeon shows, which would make sense as to why there’s a new logo for the band that looks like the Nickelodeon logo, but instead says “Neighbourhood.” At a closer look, the video is Rutherford’s transition to becoming Chip Chrome.

“Devil’s Advocate” was teased only a few days before being dropped on Aug. 21. It sounds like a mix between their old style and new sound. The song is also filled with more instrumentals than the first two releases. Instead of being led by vocals, the funky, repeating bass line is the star of this song.

This song is a one of reflection  for Rutherford. Throughout, he seems to be looking back on how he’s changed, deciding that, “If a God is a dog, and a man is a fraud, then I’m a lost cause.” The song sounds like the love child of funk and indie, which turns out to be enticing and entrancing.

In the music video, Rutherford is dressed in a western outfit and leather jacket, walking down a street. As the video goes on, he seems to be again running from a disaster that occurs behind him, possibly referring to his past. As the jazzy instrumentals lead the song out, Rutherford can be seen sprinting away from explosions as the band’s logo is set ablaze.

The last song released was the title track of the EP, “Pretty Boy.” on Aug. 28. “Pretty Boy” is the staple indie song, resembling The Neighbourhood’s early work. The almost muffled instrumentals fill the background but are careful not to take away from Rutherford’s soft vocals. It’s almost like the instruments and vocals are from two separate songs, but they somehow work perfectly together.

The soft nature of the song makes it sound like something directly out of the end of a coming-of-age movie. The lyrics even sound perfect for a coming-of-age story, “As long as I got you/I’m gonna be alright/As long as I got you/I’m not afraid to die.”

This final music video for the EP may be the easiest to understand, and it is something that everyone can relate to. Chip Chrome is seen roaming the streets of California, playing music and trying to get anyone to see him. But everyone who crosses his path ignores him. He’s solemn and alone for most of the video as he watched others crowd a one-eyed cowboy playing guitar. At the end of the video, the cowboy gives him a coin, finally taking notice of him till he is yet again, left alone and unnoticed.

If “Pretty Boy” is anything like the upcoming album, “Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones,” fans are in for a real treat. The EP itself is already great. Every single song has its own story, and they all fit together cohesively. The music videos are a must-view, and give a true insight on the deeper meaning of each song. While there is still time before the full album is released, The Neighbourhood is known for surprises, so who knows what is to come.