The woes of online schooling

Written By Shannon Hartnett

Welcome to the Fall 2020 semester, where uncertainty is everyone’s middle name. Students are looking at online formats for most if not all of their classes. While some people truly enjoy virtual learning, others do not. I am only assuming that the woes of online learning have only begun for students across the globe. This week alone I have experienced numerous malfunctions. The Point Park website was down on day one—I truly hope that was not a bad omen for the semester. Some professors are not experienced in communicating virtually, I had a hard time getting some professors to even respond to my emails, let alone watching them navigate all online courses. At one point as I was logged into class via Big Blue Button, my little sister legitimately kicked over my WiFi router and knocked out my connection.

This is going to be a challenge for all of us. With the new regulations in order we may have problems getting text-books, scheduling office hours, and seeking help from tutoring centers when we need it. In the weeks to come I am sure there will be technology malfunctions, poor connections, and high stress levels of students and staff members.

During all of this hassle and aggravation that we are surely going to witness and take part in, I want to offer some pieces of wisdom. Students and staff alike, let us all try to remember why we are here in the first place. Hopefully the answer is something along the lines of “I love to learn” or “I can’t wait to score my dream job.” To get through this semester we are all going to have to remember that we want to be here, we want to learn, and we chose to do this. Whether virtually or on-ground, let’s all try to learn something this semester.

With that being said Point Park holds some of the most dedicated educators I have had the pleasure of meeting;. I have yet to meet a professor that has not cared about my success in a course. Maybe I was dealt a good hand in terms of teachers, but I do think that everyone is trying to make our academic experience at the collegiate level positive and inspiring.

Lastly, let’s all still try to be involved. For instance The Globe is still meeting virtually at 2:45 via Zoom every Monday. Come join the call and hear what pitches we have for the week. Trivia Tuesday is being brought to us by CAB, j. Join virtually and test your knowledge on different themes every Tuesday. Join a club, run for SGA, look for an internship, and make the most out of a year everyone is sure to remember for one reason or another.