Budget-friendly Halloween costumes for college students

Written By Kylie Thomas, Co-Features and A&E Editor

Halloween looks different this year due to coronavirus, but just because going out isn’t an option, doesn’t mean dressing up in a costume is canceled. Granted, spending a lot of money on a costume this year may be a waste, but there are plenty of options that don’t cost much. Some of the costumes are even popular picks for this year and can be done within a college budget. Here are some great picks for this Halloween. 


“Among Us” Character: Based on the popular game and app, “Among Us,” recreate this fan favorite for cheap. All that is really needed is a monochrome outfit. The eye mask part of the character can be printed and added on as an accessory. Also, whatever other accessories that are available in the game can be added to personally customize the costume. Chances are, these items are easy to find in one’s closet, or easy to find at a thrift store for cheap. 


Sexy Ghost: Most people have a sheet lying around from doing that TikTok ghost photoshoot trend. Don’t let that sheet go to waste when it can be reused for a fun and “sexy” costume. Cut out eye holes to see and add fishnets and heels to add a new look to that boring, white sheet. Note, this can definitely be a costume no matter the gender of the wearer. 


Scooby-Doo Mystery Gang: An easy group costume to dress up with roommates, this costume uses basic clothing that can be thrifted. Not to mention an inspired-by look would work for this as well, as long as clothing of the same color as each character’s clothes is used. A gender-bent option could be used to shake up this classic costume by changing the guy characters to women and vice versa. 


“Purge: Election Year” Character: This one can be thrown together in seconds. If a dress shirt is available, it’s already halfway done. The main part that makes this costume is the makeup. A simple colored ‘X’ over the eyes and lines extending the mouth with ‘X’s’ over the lines, completes this look and makes it a true “Purge” character mask. This is another look that can be customized through the outfit or makeup. 


“Euphoria” Themed: Flashy is the key to looking straight out of the TV show “Euphoria.” Anything iridescent or sparkly will pull the costume together, even if it’s really casual. There’s plenty of makeup tutorials and looks to check out online and follow to look like any of the characters of your choosing, or to make your own original character in the “Euphoria” universe. 


PowerPuff Girls/RowdyRuff Boys: A childhood favorite, these two groups of superpowered kids are all color-coded with various possibilities. A more modern look can be made with color matching current looks, or the classic dress and striped shirt combos can be thrifted. This would even be a simple costume to go all out with and buy a cheap wig and stockings to match.


Tim Burton Characters: There are so many possibilities for Tim Burton characters. From “Alice In Wonderland” to “Sweeny Todd,” the opportunities for becoming Johnny Depp are endless. Not to mention, choices can be taken to the cosplay extreme or just be street clothes and makeup. This is also a great group costume if friends are being indecisive or what to go in different directions. 

Wes Anderson Characters: Another great group costume for indecisive groups and for all the cinema majors out there. These characters may not be very recognizable to most but are effortless to recreate it as most of them wear everyday clothing in a specific, bright color. Much like Tim Burton’s characters, an original character could always be made up too. Just put yourself in a certain director’s style or movie and become a part of it.