Fall 2020 Playlist 

Written By Chandni Shah, Co-Copy Desk Chief

When I think of music in regards to what season it is, fall is definitely my favorite. Raspy voices, falsetto tones, melodic acoustic guitar sounds, and folksy vibes are what I think of when I think of fall music. The best activity to participate in during the season is to wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket with a cup of coffee or tea, watch the leaves fall and listen to some good tunes while doing so. I will provide those tunes for you.


“Stubborn Love” – The Lumineers: When I think of fall music, the first band that pops into my mind is this band and this song. Their folk rock sound is easy to enjoy and sing along to.


“Gospel” – The National: Front vocalist Matt Berninger will haunt you with his vocals in this song. His soothing baritone is comforting and the instrumental is equally calming.


“Misguided Ghosts” – Paramore: Hayley Williams’ usual rock sound is almost eliminated on this track as she sings us a sad, acoustic lullaby. 


“Between the Bars” – Elliott Smith: Smith’s hushed voice and piercing lyrics make for a devastatingly beautiful song on this 1997 track. 


“Georgia” – Vance Joy: If you haven’t noticed by now, raspy voices make for the best autumn-feeling playlists, this song reiterates that. 


“Fade into You” – Mazzy Star: Oldies are always the goodies. Star’s voice is reminiscent of a mix between Dolores O’Riordan, lead vocalist for The Cranberries and Stevie Nicks, a mix that creates a haunting sound perfect for watching the leaves fall on this tune from 1993.


“Blood Bank” – Bon Iver: “Well, I met you at the blood bank / We were looking at the bags,” are the lyrics that start off this love song written by Justin Vernon. The song needs to be played while sipping coffee with your favorite fall-scented candle lit beside you while Vernon tells a story. 


“Home” – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros: Yes, this might have been overplayed, but this song is a classic and fun to sing along to. “Home” plays in the opening of the movie “Stuck in Love” as the characters make Thanksgiving dinner, this scene plays in my head whenever the song comes on. 


“New Slang” – The Shins: Another classic for any indie music lover. What reminds me of fall in this song most is the light sounds of a guitar and tambourine, as if it was being sung around a campfire. 


“Cherry Wine” – Hozier: If you haven’t listened. Just listen. The song explains itself. Hozier’s voice is knocked down a decibel compared to his popular track “Take Me to Church,” but is equally resonating. A must-listen-to during the season. 


“She Burns” – Foy Vance: Irish singer-songwriter Foy Vance, gives us an easy to love track for fall.


“Sweet Creature” – Harry Styles: Who doesn’t like Harry Styles?  On this track, Styles sings us a love song where his raspy vocals are emphasized by light guitar chords. 


“exile” – Taylor Swift (feat. Bon Iver): This is the song meant to be listened to during the chilly seasons. I do not have any explanation for why, except that Swift and Bon Iver’s vocals are a heavenly pairing. 


These are some of the best songs to listen to during the fall season. They may or may not make you feel slightly depressed, but who doesn’t already feel that way as the seasonal depression starts to hit?