Perfect plan or petri dish? Steelers allowing limited number of fans in Heinz Field

Written By Mason Strawn, Co-Sports Editor

Oh lordy, the yinzers are going to lose it. As of Oct. 6, Heinz Field will allow up to 5,500 fans into its seats for the first time during the 2020 season, about eight percent capacity of the famous North Side gridiron. I can already hear the ticket scrapers faking tickets as I type this: “Get tickets here! Very limited amount! Don’t miss out!” Ticket prices are going to be reselling for hundreds, and those will be for the nosebleeds. 

Once again as I’m typing this, ticket prices on the well known SeatGeek are selling for upwards of $300 for seats in the upper sections of the stadium. Of course, these prices can flux due to demand or lack thereof, due to the prices. Honestly, it’s even more surprising from Governor Tom Wolf, a man who’s been very dedicated to his limited capacity rules, especially against sports. He and his team were the ones that budged and allowed the Steelers to host fans this season, and it’s honestly taken many aback. Earlier this year, there were many who weren’t even sure if there would be high school sports this year due to the laws in place by Wolf forbidding more than 25-people gatherings.

 I’m still not sure how to even take the news that the Pittsburgh Steelers are allowing fans into Heinz Field. The team will require fans to follow the correct protocol as well as use contact tracing just in case anything were to happen. But there also comes the slight issue of, oh I don’t know, really stubborn anti-maskers and people who believe COVID-19 is about as real as dragons and warlocks. So . . . that could be a slight problem. 

As of Oct. 7, the Miami Dolphins will be allowed full capacity at Hard Rock Stadium for their next game (yeah, the Dolphins, I don’t know who would risk their lives for that team but go off I guess). Of course, Florida is a very different state than Pennsylvania, with a lot less tight rules on COVID-19 restrictions. Speaking of the south, how about a whole lot of college stadiums in Georgia and Florida being packed full of students while also being maskless on national television? It’s no wonder the state of Pennsylvania and the Big 10 college conference have kept Penn State from  allowing fans at their games this year. 

I think we’ve all seen the videos of the parties going on around Penn State right now, and let me tell you, that would scare me too if I was a government official right now trying to decrease the COVID-19 cases in my state. 

But to bring it back around, at least the more luxurious yinzers will get to watch the Steelers smoke the cross state rivals on Sunday. That is, until either team gets another COVID-19 outbreak like the Tennessee Titans did recently. But knowing Steelers’ fan’s luck, the only cases that’ll come back positive will be TJ Watt and Ben Roethlisberger, cause why not.