SGA meets, discusses several student concerns

Written By Sarah Gibson, SGA Beat Writer

With the halfway point of the semester approaching, the Student Government Association (SGA) opened the Fall II funding period as well as gave some updates regarding student concerns this week.

After attendance was taken and nobody had any objections to the minutes or the agenda, the meeting’s first open floor began.

Senator Drew Simko took the stand to tell the legislative body about how the cinema department at the university hadn’t told students about the apparent departure of chair Cara Friez, which was causing a problem for students who were still reaching out to her for help without being aware that she no longer taught at Point Park. He also expressed concern over the cinema program, which appeared to be chairless. Advisor Dean Gieseke spoke up in response to this to say that the cinema program did indeed have a chair, and that questions regarding the current state of the program should be directed to Steven Breese, the Dean of the Conservatory for the Performing Arts.

During reports of the cabinet, Vice President Bryce Hayzlett shared that he was fully recovered from his absence last week, and that at the next meeting, he would be reporting on a Jed Foundation committee meeting that would be happening within the week. Hayzlett shared some information given to him by the absent Treasurer Newman, which stated that Fall II funding request submissions are open and will close at midnight on Oct. 20.

Communications Director Ziegler reminded senators to fill out the Google form sent to them so that they could roll out the new SGA social media campaign sooner rather than later, in order to give students a better idea of who exactly was behind SGA.

When the time came for reports of standing committees, Recording Secretary Cole D’Alicandro shared that the Student Innovations Committee (Or “SIC Committee,” as he said, verbatim) was looking to do a virtual ‘Come Complain’ event for students. As of meeting time, they are looking to do it the Thursday or Friday after Election Day. After hearing the news, Vice President Hayzlett shared that last year’s Come Complain event was one of SGA’s most successful events, and while they cannot expect as great an outcome this year due to the nature of the meeting, he has high expectations.

Graphic Design Coordinator Kari Dettorre shared that she has finished the flyers for the “Get to Know SGA” campaign, and once she gets the forms, she can fill them in. Dettorre also encouraged senators to fill out the forms for the campaign.

Senator Kendra Trezona mentioned that as one of the students currently housed in the Hilton Hotel, she had received many complaints about the security in the Hilton. After meeting with Deputy Chief Black, she said that he told her he’d attempt to get more officers to patrol the area of the Hilton more regularly.

At the end of the open floor and the meeting as a whole, Communications Director Ziegler spoke up to congratulate Senator Kendra Summers, who was nominated and appointed as Vice Chair for the Communications Committee the day before the legislative body meeting.