Joe Biden wins race for presidency, will be 46th President of the United States

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Co-News Editor

Joe Biden has been elected President of the United States. According to the Associated Press, he has won 290 electoral votes, putting him past the 270 needed to win the presidency, defeating incumbent President Donald Trump.

    For many, Biden’s victory is a sigh of relief after a turbulent election cycle.

    “I feel amazing, for the first time in four years we have a president who can be looked up to and hopefully rebuild the bridges Trump burned so we as a country can begin to work together again,” Adam Chaplin, a junior at the University of Pittsburgh, said. “I’m happy that kids can look up to and want to be the President again.”

    “I am incredibly happy by the results of this election as it signifies hope for Americans, something that I feel has been lost,” Alexis Bonifante, a volunteer for the Biden Campaign and a sophomore political science major, said. “I cannot help but think how this was made possible by millions of Americans across this country who have united together to bring the nation to a place where it has deserved to be for the last four years.”

    Some, however, have expressed concerns that a similar figure to President Trump could rise to power in the future.

    “It’s a great step, but now I’m afraid that people will stop caring and the moment that people stop caring is the moment that we become complacent, and becoming complacent is what led to Donald Trump becoming President in the first place,” Owen Belfiore, a political science major at College of Wooster, said.

    President Trump has yet to concede the race and is not expected to. The Trump Campaign has said that they will fight Biden’s victory in the form of several lawsuits that they are expected to file Monday, but they’re facing an uphill battle. In order to overturn the results of the election, they will need to win multiple suits in multiple different states, each of which would likely go to the Supreme Court.

    Many people believe President Trump is aware that his loss is legitimate and that these suits are a last ditch effort to save his presidency.

    “I am not surprised at all by the lack of Trump’s compliance in conceding the race. This is consistent with his message from during his 2016 campaign till now,” Bonifante said. “I think that in this moment of history, we should look more towards the future, and if Trump refuses to accept that, then it obviously shows that he does not accept American voters as legitimate. Every vote counts, no matter how it is done.”

“It’s like watching a toddler realize that he broke one of his toys and it’s not going to get fixed,” Mason Dowd, a sophomore acting major, said.

“He’s a sore loser and needs to realize that not everyone likes him,” Chaplin said. “He lost by a decent amount. He should give up and stop complaining, but he doesn’t want to be seen as the guy who lost, so he will do whatever he can to try and win even when all is said and done he lost fair and square.”

President-Elect Biden will be sworn into office on Wednesday, 20, 2021. President Donald Trump losing his bid for reelection is significant. The last time a sitting, incumbent president lost his reelection after his first term was in 1992, when incumbent Republican President George H.W. Bush lost to Democratic challenger Bill Clinton.