Our reality turns into dystopian movies

Written By Kylie Thomas, Co-Features and A&E Editor

Movies are sought as an escape from reality, especially dystopian movies, but as election season has now encompassed the world those fictional movies are coming to life. 

When taking into consideration all of 2020, the world has almost become fictional. During quarantine, there were even murder hornets. It’s crazy to think that the world is being turned into  a movie, but, at this point, who would doubt it? There’s a virus that has shut the world down, protests all across the United States, and it’s even a presidential election year. Who knows what will happen to the world next but for now, it’s time to reflect on how reality now seems like a fictional movie. 

While the United States may not have a purge of its own, this whole year has felt like one big “Purge” movie. The country has had riots, looting, and police brutality murders that are left without justice. Specifically, the state of America is much like “The Purge: Election Year.” There are two different political parties, one that wants to end violence, and one that only wants to insight it more. These two political parties have now clashed and have caused violence all across the United States. At this point, not even the opponents themselves are safe. It sounds oddly reminiscent of this current election season with political parties fighting across social media and in person.

The “Hunger Games” series may seem like a stretch when interpreting our reality, but when it’s broken down, it isn’t that unseemly. People living in a world, run under a government that makes most of the rules. People aren’t happy with how said government is running things so they start to rebel and protest. They have a hand sign for the revolution, much like the Black Lives Matter fist. There still, however, are people who support the government. There are different districts with different job specialties and different socioeconomic statuses. There’s been tear gas, much like the government made poisonous fog, and even muder hornets like the tracker jackers. It even comes down to how there had been new problems coming up each month of 2020 much like the clock in “Catching Fire” that has a new problem for contestants every hour. 

One of the most insane parts of this year has been coronavirus. In fact, it’s reminiscent of the film “Contagion” which had many people freaking out when this whole situation began. After a mysterious virus appears, several states are placed into quarantine which leads to rebuttal in the forms of violence, looting, and panic. Not to mention the virus in the movie came genetically from pigs and bats, much like coronavirus stemming from bats. Of course, there’s also conspiracies around the virus in the movie much like the world has had since the beginning of coronavirus. Overall, the movie is scarily similar to coronavirus which just makes it seem all that more fictional.

While these comparisons may be scary, at the end of the day they’re still only movies. Plus, movie inspiration is usually taken from reality anyways. For now, all there is left to do for 2020 is to sit back and continue to watch the horror movie unfold.