“positions” from my pov

Written By Tia Bailey

Pop star Ariana Grande has released her sixth studio album, “positions” onto all streaming platforms.

Grande announced that she was working on new music back in the spring, but originally was not planning on releasing any of it during the lockdown. She then announced the release of the album in October, and dropped “positions” on Oct. 30. 

The album has two singles: “positions,” which came with a music video and topped the Billboard charts, and “34+35.” 

“positions” has 14 tracks in total, and all the titles are simple and all-lowercase, which has become a staple of the singer. 

All of the songs have themes of romance and intimacy, another Ariana Grande staple. The album is in the pop/R&B genre. 

The most popular songs from the album on Spotify are the two singles as well as “pov,” “off the table (with The Weeknd)” and “just like magic.”

“pov” is a softer ballad where she sings about wanting to see herself from her lover’s point of view. She sings “I want to love me/ the way that you love me/ for all of my pretty/ and for all of my ugly too/ I’d love to see me from your point of view” in the chorus of the song. 

“off the table (with The Weeknd)” is another softer R&B song, where she sings about wondering if she can find love after losing someone, and The Weeknd sings back in response, saying he will wait for her. People have speculated that this song may be about the late Mac Miller, who Grande dated for two years before they split in 2018. She opens the song by asking “Will I ever love the same way again? Will I ever love somebody like the way I did you?”

“just like magic” is more upbeat compared to the other standout songs, and is about how she manifests everything she wants, just like magic. “Just like magic, just like magic/ middle finger to my thumb and then I snap it/ just like magic, I’m attractive/ I get everything I want ‘cause I attract it,” she sings in the chorus. This is one of the catchiest songs on the album. 

Three of the songs on “positions” have other artists on the track. “motive” is with Doja Cat, “off the table” is with The Weeknd and “safety net” is with Ty Dolla $ign. 

“positions” the single is currently sitting at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. Some fans have expressed disappointment for “positions” in comparison to Grande’s past music releases. A review for New Music Express by Hannah Mylrea says the album has “lots of banging, but not so many bangers.” Other fans of the singer, however, do love the album. 

While the songs are catchy, they aren’t up to par with her usual music, with the exception of maybe two songs on the album (those being “pov” and “just like magic”). 

“positions” is available to stream on all major streaming services.