Ways to keep warm and have fun as weather gets colder

Written By Kylie Thomas, Co-Features and A&E Editor

Pennsylvania weather is always changing, one week will be 30 degrees, the next will be 70. But as it gets into the lower temperatures, outside activities start to become second to staying inside. Just because life is moving more indoors, however, doesn’t mean that fun, creative activities have to stop. Here are some creative ways to warm up when it’s too cold outside. 

Make hot cocoa bombs – Hot chocolate is a staple winter drink, but there are better ways to make it other than using an envelope of powder. An imaginative take on regular hot chocolate, the use of circular molds makes these surprising treats. Chocolate balls are made from melting chocolate with circular molds. The hollow center of these circular cocoa bombs is filled with hot chocolate powder and whatever else is desired such as marshmallows. Once this circular ball of chocolate is in a mug, just pour hot water or milk over top to see the chocolate melt and expose the powder and fun treats inside.

Make a blanket fort – It may sound like a childish idea at first but sometimes going back to childhood is a way to destress. Plus, being an adult, no supervision is needed, and the fort can be made however to fulfill the wildest dreams. All that’s needed are some chairs to drape blankets and sheets over. Grab your roommates and have a night of spooky stories with all the lights off under the blanket fort. 

Cuddle up with blankets and a movie – A classic idea but it requires minimal effort. Grab as many blankets as there are in the room and cuddle them all up on the bed or couch. Throw on a warmhearted movie, a Disney movie would be perfect and just melt into the warmth. 

Tie-dye sweatshirts – In order to stay warm, some winter-worthy fashionable clothes might help. White sweatshirts and hoodies can be found for cheap at Walmart, but these cheap options don’t have to stay plain and boring. Tie-dye is a way to turn drab clothing into a cozy fashion statement. Black sweatshirts can be used too. Just use bleach to do a bleach tie-dye instead of regular tie-dye. Sweatpants could even be added to make a matching set. It’s a way to stay cozy and have a special night with a friend. 

Make a gingerbread house from scratch – Gingerbread houses don’t have to be a Christmas activity. There are plenty of ways to take a holiday gingerbread house into any theme wanted. It could be a haunted house, a fairy cottage, a Victorian mansion, or whatever comes to mind. Take the whole process a step further by baking the gingerbread from scratch. This way the gingerbread can be cut however is needed for different buildings or even people and pets.

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean life has to be just as cold. Spice up your wintertime with these warming ideas. All of these ideas can be done by yourself or with family and friends. Don’t let those wintertime blues hit, instead embrace the frigid weather and use this time to cuddle up close with loved ones. After all, it is called the season of love and giving.