Holiday gift ideas for friends and family

Written By Tia Bailey, Co-Features/A&E

With the holidays just around the corner, it can be difficult to find presents to give to your friends and family, especially as a student. However, there are options within a reasonable price range to make everyone happy. 


Gift cards: While this may be an obvious answer, it is also kind of a perfect one. You can get them anywhere, and the person you’re gifting it to can get whatever they want. It’s basically giving them money, but there is still some thought behind it, which is a win-win. 


Subscription: Subscription can mean a lot of things, whether it be to a streaming service, monthly subscription box or package and much more. You can pay for a few months’ or years’ worth of the subscription so your giftee can see if they like it enough to continue on their own after that point. The possibilities here are endless, with things like style boxes, food boxes from other countries and more. 


Stocking: There is a lot you can do with this one. Stocking stuffers can be really fun and creative, and the rest can be filled with candy. Soft socks, jewelry, gift cards and more can be added to a stocking, and it shows that you put time and thought into making it. 


Movie night gift: Get a plastic popcorn container, fill it with bags of microwavable popcorn, their favorite candy and their favorite movies. It’s simple, thoughtful and fun. For something extra, throw in a portable projector to make it feel like a movie theater. 


Self care basket: Some places like Bath and Body Works or Ulta have pre-made baskets for things like this, or you could make your own and personalize it. Either way, it will be a money saver for them to receive their favorite self-care items, and it can be thoughtful. 


Game night box: Because of the pandemic, people can’t go out and have to stay in more. A way to make self-quarantine more manageable is playing games with roommates and family. Ordering some card and board games for someone can be fun for everyone to use, and promote staying in. Video games could also be added to this. 


Coffee kit: This is a good one for anyone who loves their caffeine. Getting creative with this one will be easy; you can put in flavored syrups, creamers, k-cups, coffee grounds, anything. Bonus points if you can fit it into a big mug as the wrapping. 


There are many options for affordable, easy and thoughtful gifts to give your loved ones.