Yungblud’s “weird!” lands somewhere between mainstream and punk

Written By Kylie Thomas, Co-Features/A&E Editor

4/5 Globes

Dominic Harrison, better known as Yungblud, has been a voice for Gen Z, fueling his music with a passion for changing the hateful world. The British singer continues to stick up for and comfort an entire generation with his first official album, “weird!,” premiering on Dec. 4. 


Yungblud has been a favorite of Gen Z for his true to life lyrics. It’s given the generation an artist who understands what they’re feeling and an artist who isn’t afraid to publicly speak out against racism and homophobia. Yungblud isn’t just Harrison however, the singer makes it very clear that Yungblud is a safe space for everyone to come together and create a loving atmosphere for all. He’s also been known for his actions against conformity such as his various outfits featuring skirts and dresses. 


Yungblud has collaborated with a number of popular artists from Machine Gun Kelly to Bring Me The Horizon, but now he’s presented his album “weird!” as an outlet for anyone who’s ever felt different, misunderstood, and who’s ready to make a change in the world.


The album itself is filled with a variety of different punk influences, more mainstream hits, and even a few different pop ballads, all topped of course with Yungblud’s signature raspy, rap vocals. The album also seems to differ from some of his earlier works, many of the songs leaning more towards pop than rap/punk. That’s not to say that Yungblud doesn’t amaze with this updated style. 


The title track of the album, “weird!,” is one of these updated styles of songs. It’s carried by soft synths over Yungblud’s poetic rambling about all the thoughts that keep him up at night. The lyrics itself are relatable to anyone who’s an overthinker or just feels lost in their thoughts.Yungblud uses this song as an opportunity to offer comfort for anyone listening. He assures the listener, “Come hold my hand//Hold it tight//We’re in a weird time of life//Don’t wreck your brain//It’ll be alright,” presenting all the words that everyone needs to hear right now with a friendly tone of voice. 


The musicality of each track takes different pieces from different eras. The song, “strawberry lipstick,” has early punk bass and guitar riffs combined with pop-punk vocals that give the song a new style of its own. It sounds almost like a garage rock track and is probably one of the songs that sounds the most like Yungblud’s older stuff. 


Then there are songs like “love song” that is your mainstream pop ballad with acoustic guitar pushing the vocals front and center. It’s not bad to have more of a mainstream vibe and for “love song” specifically, it’s more about the lyrics than the sound. The song is a love song to all those who are in love but doubt themself. It’s about growing up with love having a toxic connotation until meeting that one person who makes love feel true. Yungblud sings, “Nobody taught me how to love myself//So how can I love somebody else?//I’m so new to this//I swear that I’m doing my best.” It’s a struggle that Yungblud has found a way to perfectly put into song. 


One of the angriest and most heart-wrenching songs on the album is titled, “charity.” This song is the standout song of this album for me. Something about the chorus of voices screaming the hurtful words of Yungblud’s mother makes my heart skip a beat and goosebumps rise on my skin. It makes me fill with the energy to go out and fight the world. The song is fueled by gritty, punk guitar and drums along with the frustrated and hurting tone of Yungblud’s voice as he tells the story of being his mother’s disappointment and how it influenced his understanding of himself. The chorus of the song screams out, “Tonight, my mother said that I//Should never go outside//That I should run and hide//Donate my brains to charity.”


The lyrics are really what elevates this album. While the way the rock instruments and basic synths come together isn’t bad, it isn’t exactly the most outstanding combination. But, with Yungblud’s passionate vocals and understanding lyrics, it makes an impact on the music industry in an empowering way. This is an artist who isn’t afraid to be unapologetically himself, and it’s truly a powerful album for a powerful generation. The album definitely appeals to the audience that needs it the most. And honestly, most general listeners probably wouldn’t get the hype but the “weird!” will breathe in this album like it’s oxygen.