Has Joe Biden Done Anything Yet?

Written By Shannon Hartnett, Co-Opinions Editor

2021 brought us a new president, and to many Americans, that means change. Or does it? So far into Biden’s presidency, there have been many executive orders that reverse some of the policies of former President Donald Trump. Some of those include lifting the ban on transgender people serving in the military and stopping the construction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico. While this is exactly what Biden promised, and many are overjoyed to see these orders, there are still actions to be critiqued about the administration so far. 

While campaigning as the Democratic nominee, President Biden promised a slew of different policies that appeal to Americans, as most politicians do, which arguably won him the presidency. Usually, the way people vote is by choosing the candidate that aligns most with the policies, morals or ideas of the voter. This is likely why President Biden succeeded in winning the election. For instance, if he had absurd policies and no one agreed with what he was saying, he would receive no votes. This is the general outline of elections, but of course, there are always exceptions. 

So now Joe Biden has won the election, but how has he followed through with the promises he made while campaigning? Initially, President Biden promised to cancel student debt, to reunite children and parents who have been separated at the border wall, to stop deporting immigrants, to provide stimulus to Americans for COVID relief, to eliminate the tax break for billionaires, to deliver a gun reform bill, to guarantee healthcare, etc. The list goes on.

We can see President Biden making these promises in many of his campaign speeches and even on the infamous Twitter. Even more so, he promised to enact most of these policies on day one of being in office. From what I can tell, I have either lost track of time and am repeating my days over again in a Bill-Murray-Ground-Hog-Day-Style, and it is not yet his first day in office, or a politician has made false promises. I am going to have to go with the latter here. 

But of course, there are counterarguments to my claim. He has passed 36 executive orders already, has he not? And he has only been in office for about three weeks, right? And the GOP is just as guilty for the lack of policy-making, aren’t they? Yes, yes and yes. These are all solid points in support of his administration. I am sure he will make strides during his time in the oval office, but the point still remains that as of right now, he has failed to follow through with promises he made to Americans in order to secure his election on the 2020 presidential ballot. 

Only time will tell if what President Biden promised will follow through in the coming months or years. Until then, I don’t feel any love from Washington as we approach Valentine’s Day this weekend. If these politicians truly cared about Americans like they say they do, I would be hearing more about the legislation going through in support of President Biden’s promises, and I would have a stimulus check in my bank account.