2021 SGA Election Profiles: Nanina Grund

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Co-News Editor

Nanina Grund is currently a senator in SGA. According to her, her experience as a senator inspired her to run for president.

“Currently being a senator I was able to see that there are a lot of issues with the student body,” Grund said. “One of the reasons I wanted to run for president and even apply for it was to push these ideals of student government being an organization for students. Whether or not I win the candidacy, I want there to be awareness to other issues on campus besides things like the non-renewals, I want to see awareness raised on things like mental health.”

Grund says that one of her biggest goals if elected is getting more students involved in student government and to raise awareness for issues facing campus.

“Many students don’t know much about the university and what’s happening around us…” Grund said. “I know a lot of people who don’t pay attention to The Globe or listen to anything around campus. So getting outreach from other people is pretty much my biggest goal.”

One issue that Grund says she would like to address is the hours of CulinArt, which she believes are counterintuitive to the needs of the student body.

“The hours of CulinArt are always changing, and the café being closed on the weekends specifically is an issue,” Grund said. “It can bring forth eating disorders… when it’s closed completely on the weekends it allows a lot of people to stay inside and not eat.”

Another issue Grund wants to address is the number of classes being offered. She cited things she has currently done as senator as evidence that she will be able to address that.

“I worked on getting all of the stats on all of the classes offered in the fall of last year and in the fall of next year…and I’m working to figure out how these 17 non-renewals will affect that.”

Grund has stated that she believes that SGA should work with the university administration and leave past disagreements between the two organizations in the past.

“I think it would be best for the student body as a whole to work together with the administration,” Grund said. “If we run against them and give them a list of demands, we won’t go far.”

Grund believes that having a new president of SGA could be beneficial since starting in the fall, there will likely be a new university president and a new provost. 

“With [Hennigan] no longer being here, there could bring over a bad aftertaste with the new president and telling him to ‘please fix what Paul did now’ is a bad idea,” Grund said. “We have these new people, so we should have new crossings and new relationships formed, instead of having old things carried over.”

According to Grund, she feels that the most important thing that the president of SGA can do is benefit the student body, regardless of who they are.

“As long as it benefits the student body…that’s the point of the Student Government Association.”