The Best Underground Depop Shops for Unique Clothing

Written By Virginia Garner, News Photo Editor

Depop, an online marketplace platform, is a great place to shop sustainably and get secondhand clothing, vintage pieces, handmade items, and so much more. Founded in 2011 by Simon Beckermen, the site was originally a place where readers of PIG magazine could buy products featured in the magazine, but the app was soon re-invented into a global marketplace where anyone can buy and sell items. 

The site’s feed includes recommended pieces and shops that fit your unique style and the listings posted by shops that you follow. Additionally, users can utilizeuse the search feature to find clothing from certain brands, browse through categories or find specific pieces using key words. 

If you see an item you like, you can message the seller to ask questions or negotiate the price, or you can press ‘buy’ to put the item directly in your bag. From your bag, you can make a one-time payment via a credit card or PayPal from multiple shops. Most shops ship quickly, usually about one to two business days, but shipping time and cost is unique to the seller–they dictate their own shipping prices and times. Once the item is delivered, buyers and sellers can leave a star review for each other. What sets Depop apart from many other online marketplaces is that buyers get a rating as well as the sellers. 

However, with over 21 million users, Depop can be overwhelming to navigate. You may know what you want but may have trouble finding shops that have the pieces that you envision. Some shops steal designs, upsell clothing or have unethically sourced pieces, so it’s important to know that you’re buying from a good shop with quality products. Here’s a list of the top five underground and unique Depop shops with the best reviews. 


1. China Goldmine: With over 25,000 followers and 800 reviews, China Goldmine is a China-based shop that sells a variety of unique clothing. Offering cyberpunk dresses to angel core tops, this shop will allow you to discover pieces that you didn’t know existed. The shop doesn’t just feature clothing; it features mall-goth accessories, a chiffon scarf, chunky necklaces, and so much more.  

Most reviews include five-star ratings; customers rave over China Goldmine. User babygirlrai said “Great seller and amazing items- never disappointed and always worth the wait” after purchasing a bundle of 17 items. 

One four-star review from user lisbeanbean noted one issue: “Top was perfect. The skirt was definitely smaller than 26 though.” There are frequently miscommunications with sizing on Depop. However, China Goldmine explicitly states that there are no refunds or returns on items, so this user will not be getting their money back. 

Overall, the pieces on China Goldmine are reasonably priced considering many of them are rare or deadstock items and coming from China. The consensus on this shop is overwhelmingly positive and it is perfect for you if you’re looking to add unique and staple pieces to your wardrobe. 


2. 33Vtg: A Mukilteo, Washington-, based shop, 33Vtg has over 39,000 followers with approximately 5,000 items sold. With vintage pieces ranging from a red snake-skin vinyl jacket from the ‘90s to prairie core ankle-length skirts, this shop brings a sense of nostalgia and great fashion for all. It features clothing with extraordinary floral patterns and nifty patchwork designs, along with leather bags and cowboy boots to complement each clothing item. The overall vibe from this shop is old-west DIY clothing, but some edgier pieces stand out, like a black leather studded belt from Hot Topic. 

The prices are reflective of the pieces, as vintage items tend to be more expensive due to their rarity and difficulty to find. 33Vtg has 2,930 reviews and most have left five-star reviews for the shop. User Searsellie gave a glowing review stating, “always a 10/10 experience, lovely folks and beautiful clothes.” However, user voodoowoman left a three-star review saying “Not exactly what I was hoping for… one of the items I bought was super worn in… wish I had known about this before buying.”

33Vtg is the place to go to buy secondhand western style items to create the perfect Wild West look for any occasion. 


3. Genesisjpg: A Los Angeles-based shop, Genesisjpg, has over 34,000 followers with 2,940 items sold. This shop features edgy vintage clothing, jewelry and shoes mostly from the grungy era of the ‘90s. When looking at the page in the past few weeks, the colors of the items are mostly dark tones such asfeaturing an olive-green cardigan, a black velvet leotard and a brown lace blouse. The items featured on this shop are sold quickly; 2,944 in total have been sold since its beginnings in 2015.  

The prices on the items posted are reasonable and mostly reflect their size and origin. Larger pieces such as cardigans and coats cost more than smaller items, like crop-tops and shorts. The majority of the 1,633 reviews are five-stars and positive; “Possibly the best dress that has ever graced my bod. Seller was super friendly too! Would 100% shop here again😊” said user haedusi. 

However, Genesis herself said “I used to really like selling on Depop for the first year or so but as it grew and morphed it became incredibly more difficult to sell … customer service is nearly unavailable … they don’t listen to sellers or their employees that have proposed changes, instead they put their money towards making Depop look ‘cool’ so more people will start selling and make Depop more money.”

If you’re looking for clothing to complement your edgy and daring style, Genesisjpg is the superior shop for you.


4. Pinkbunny1011: Pinkbunny1101 is another Los Angeles-based shop that has over 23,000 followers and more than 700 items sold. It primarily sells secondhand clothing from popular brands such as Dollskill, Sugar Thrillz and Fashion Nova; all sites that are known for their club and rave wear. The pieces featured on Pinkbubby1011’s page replicate those of the y2k era with party outfits, lingerie sets, and other accessorizing pieces like handbags and jewelry. The page rarely strays away from its bright theme. Most listings are posted with a fun and colorful background showcasing the brightly colored items. 

Because these items are secondhand, they’re less expensive than their original selling prices and purchasing secondhand from Pinkbunny1011 allows for sustainable and ethical shopping. 

This shop is praised by its customers with over 400 reviews. User csuarez_ said “The skirt is everything! Seller was quick to ship and packaged my item very nicely! Will be shopping here some more! Thank you!” However, user kelseferr was not happy with the quality of the item purchased. They gave a four-star review and stated “Dress came quickly but I was disappointed that it was very see through- would have appreciated a heads up about the fabric!”

When COVID-19 subsides and it is safe to attend parties, concerts and festivals when COVID-19 subsides, Pinkbunny1011 is a great shop to find the perfect outfit for less.


5. Faunholley: With over 72,000 followers and 5,063 items sold, this Tampa- based shop includes indie pieces such as vintage oversized T-shirts and thrifted mom jeans. Purchasing reworked thrifted items allows for one-of-a-kind pieces to be highlighted in your wardrobe and gives clothes a second life. One item that was extraordinarily reworked is a mini skirt made out of a Kiss (a popular rock group from the 1970s) T-shirt. 

The prices certainly aren’t thrift store prices, but they reflect the quality of the clothing, making them reasonable. It’s hard to find good quality vintage clothing, plus, the shop offers frequent sales on items, so you maybe be able to get a great piece for cheap. 

User Andrea3627 praises the page: “Great product. Came super quickly and seller was great at communicating. Thank you so much!” However, some users have complained about sizing issues. User michellezaga, who gave a three-star review, said “shipped super quickly, seller was very kind, but the sizing was SUPER off and everything was too small ☹.” 

If you want to buy ethically sourced, reworked vintage clothing that is trendy, Faunholley is a great place to start!