Mascot Mania: The Ten Mascot Commandments

Written By Sarah Gibson, Mascot Correspondent

  1. Don’t model your mascot after someone’s race. 

I’ve spoken on this many times. It’s gross. Don’t do it. 


  1. A Morphsuit is not a mascot. 

Unless you’re the Greendale Human being or Charlie Kelly’s Green Man. 


  1. Think Critically. 

Why do you want this specific symbol to represent your group? How are you trying to project yourself? 


  1. Find your story and stick to it. 

You don’t have to be like Gritty. You don’t have to be like anything. Your mascot doesn’t have to be boring or ‘just intimidating’. Find your persona, and commit to that persona. Those personalities are what the people appreciate.


  1. You CANNOT be lazy with a real-person mascot. 

It is very hard for real people to compare with the spirit and enthusiasm that a suited ‘scot brings to the table. You need to make sure that you really stick the landing.


  1. Real animals should not be taken to sports games or events. 

You would think that I wouldn’t need to explain this in 2021, but here we are. Unless you’re going to put some thought into the way you treat your animals, just buy a suit. 


  1. You can’t beat the classics. 

There are just some mascots who were born to sit high with the greats. Youppi, The Philly Phanatic, Mr. Met, etc. You cannot try to catch that lightning in a bottle. It is a creative spark you cannot copy. If you try to make your mascot like the Phanatic, you’re only going to end up with lawsuits and it isn’t going to be cool when you do it. 


  1. Remember costume safety!

If you can, try to get your mascot costume fitted with a fan. If not, remember to keep your performer’s health in mind! Bring them plenty of water and give them ample time to take their head off on warm days. 


  1. Shoot T-shirt and hot dog cannons in an arc.

Your audience will thank you for it. 


  1. Hire a Mascot Consultant.

If you need a Mascot Consultant, let me know. I know a pretty good one. 


Follow these guidelines and your mascot will at the very least, be better than most. More than anything, having a good mascot is about being true to your school’s identity, and having fun with it. So, have fun with it! I know I have.