Pioneer Public: Angelo Gargaro


(Photo submitted by Angelo Gargaro)

Written By Tia Bailey, Co-Features/A&E Editor

Point Park is kicking off the new year with some new staff, and Angelo Gargaro is switching positions as the new Director of Student Conduct.

Gargaro formerly worked with the Center for Student Success, advising students in the School of Business by helping them with registration and getting them connected with faculty in the school.

“The Center for Student Success prides themselves on just being a consistent daily support for students,” he said. “And now I’m the Director of Student Conduct, and my main roles and responsibilities at this point are to oversee the Student Conduct Handbook, and really educating the community is what conduct is all about.”

Gargaro has always led and educated students since his first position at the university, which was the Coordinator of Student Conduct.

“I got my foot in the door at the university, and I actually strongly encourage students to take that as advice almost,” Gargaro said. “As you’re graduating, take opportunities, even if it’s not the ideal place you want to be at. Part-time wasn’t ideal for me, but it got my foot in the door at Point Park.”

Gargaro said that taking the opportunity to work part-time at the school led him right to his new position, making his career journey ultimately worth it in his eyes.

Gargaro’s goal for his first year in his new position is to get out into the community and engage with students.

“A lot of times, student conduct is very reactive, where I’m sitting down and talking to a student after a particular incident or event has occurred,” he said. “One of my big goals is to be out there on campus, and just interact with students before anything happens.”

Gargaro acknowledges the scary perception some may have of student conduct and wants that perception to change.

“If it’s scary, we’re not really doing the best job because I’m not here to get people into trouble,” he said. “Ideally, I want people to be productive, to be respectful members of this community and ultimately graduate and be good representations of Point Park University for years to come.”

Gargaro is looking forward to having everyone back on campus and the energy that the community will bring to make it a good year.

“I think that we can really start the wave of energy and optimism here at Point Park,” he said.