‘Sex Education’ season 3 proves there is always room for second chances

Written By Brooke Stephens, Staff Writer

4.5 Globes

Sex Education, the Netflix original series, arrived once again to the streaming site on Sept. 17. Taking perspective on social issues, mostly sexual education in their high school, sets the scene for the adventure that ensues in Moordale Secondary School.

After two years, the story of the Milburn family and neighborhood friends return to solve loopholes and cliffhangers. Developing love stories, friendships and education processes are left to the viewer’s imagination until shortly in the first episode of season three. For those reading ahead: spoiler alert.

The sex clinic that takes place in the school’s abandoned bathrooms has been shut down due to romantic troubles between Otis and Maeve, Eric and Adam are now together, Ola starts dating Lily, Dr. Jean Milburn is pregnant and new students are introduced to the secondary school, along with a new Headmistress after the firing of Mr. Groff. The former Headmaster has moved in with his brother and later the school band teacher, Colin Hendricks. Adam and his mother are no longer talking to Mr. Groff because of the impending divorce separating the family. Rahim is brought back as a recurring character to aid Adam in being more communicative and vulnerable with Eric.

Perhaps the largest change includes Hope Haddon, the spunky new Headmistress. Introduced by dancing to The Wah Watusi in a gray jumpsuit, past student Hope makes promises to derail the institution of its “sex school” reputation after being covered by news stations. Throughout the season she uses students as pawns to support her agenda by demoting the Head Boy who disagrees with her, failing to meet students requests and repeatedly uses prejudice against queer students who want to wear preferred uniforms. The uniforms come with the announcement of Sparkside Academy, a complete rebranding, with an opening night for investors and parents to preview the “new” school and its values.

Through well-represented casting, “Sex Education” creates a relatable story without the awkward teenage, or adult dialogue. Set in England, the American audience may sense an automatic disconnect between the small British town and our suburbia. There are multiple sexual orientations, gender identities and life issues up through season three. They are not included just for the story, but well-written into realistic struggles. Season three exposes that adults are never perfect either, Jean and Jakob facing challenges through their alleged pregnancy and living in the same house.

The soundtrack is full of its typical throwbacks, in addition, Ezra Furmam released an EP to use during the season. All five songs are much more folk-punk than the pop and rock previously played. A playlist from seasons one and two are on Spotify.

The show has not yet been renewed for a fourth season, but it would be a shock if it was not. The characters, plot and arguable past or present setting promotes values that the show’s audience might want to see more in Netflix Originals. Future release date may be delayed due to COVID-19.