‘The Matrix Resurrections’ trailer teases soft reboot to the franchise

Written By Gavin Hosterman , For The Globe

Warner Brothers revealed the first teaser trailer for the fourth Matrix film titled ‘The Matrix Resurrections,’ after almost two decades since the last release of the third Matrix film, ‘Matrix Revolutions.’

The last two films in the franchise were not as well-reserved as the first film in the Matrix franchise due to poor storytelling and too many ambiance ideas. This trailer seems to show that the franchise is undergoing a soft reboot.

The trailer opens up with an establishing shot of a that is at the forefront of the San Francisco skyline; this is a new setting for the Matrix since the Matrix was set in a fictional city that resembled real-life cities. In the next scene, we see Neo talking to a therapist who is played by a Neil Patrick Harris, a new actor for the franchise. He is talking to Neo about dreams that he doesn’t understand and we see brief flashbacks from the previous films, and then the therapist gives Neo a prescription of blue pills — is a call back to when Neo takes the Red pill to know the truth and the blue pill to hide the truth.

Moving on to the next scene, we see Neo meeting Trinity, who does not recognize him but has a feeling they have met in the past. Neo is now wondering what life he is living and meets a woman with the white rabbit tattoo. There are a few references to ‘Alice In Wonderland,’ including the trailer song, ‘White Rabbit’ by Jefferson Airplane. We even see a woman who resembles The Oracle reading the book Alice Adventures in Wonderland. With all of these themes and callbacks, we get the idea of this soft reboot in this new world with a few familiar faces.

With the new setting, it seems to be a new Matrix created by machines that are even better than the ones in the past. We learn in the previous films the machines have built multiple matrixes that have improved over time that seem more and more real. With this as a possibility moving forward, it would be interesting to see the evolution of the matrix itself. This can mean the Neo that the audience is seeing is a new Nero created by the machines and one has been a clone. This is definitely a far-fetched idea but for the Matrix, it possibly wouldn’t be a difficult task to cover.

With this new film in the franchise coming out 18 years after Matrix Revolutions, it would be nice to see a return to some great action-sci-fi from this amazing mind-bending world of the matrixes. Who knows, we might get some great stunts performed from the lovely Keanu Reeves. After 18 years of great action movies such as ‘The Avengers’ revolutionizing the film industry, it will be great to see the franchise that kicked off the few decades of action films.