Fall into autumn with 8 activities for non-scary Halloween lovers


Photo by Kylie Thomas

Written By Rachel Ross, For The Globe

The temperature is dropping, it’s getting darker earlier, and anything and everything that could possibly have a pumpkin spice variation is being given one: Fall is officially upon us. Among these staples of the season comes the opportunity for specially themed events or activities, some of which might even be centered around that spooky scary day at the end of October—Halloween.
You’ve got your haunted houses, horror escape rooms, scary movies, etc. But what if you’d rather skip the scares and still participate in the fun? Here are a few suggestions for some fun, mild autumn activities.

1. Watch a Fright Free Flick or Show – There are plenty of movies and TV specials out there that offer a fall or Halloween-themed experience without being excessively scary or nightmare-inducing. Of all of the streaming services, Disney+ is probably the best in this department, offering a large collection of lighter fare such as Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Haunted Mansion and more.

2. Do Some Arts, or Maybe Some Crafts – There are tons of arts and crafts ideas out there on Pinterest or Buzzfeed that are geared towards adults. Of course, there’s classic pumpkin carving, but for those living on campus who might not be able to acquire the tools needed or the pumpkin itself, there’s also things like wreaths or other dorm decor.

3. Check Out a Corn Maze or Hitch a Hayride – Escaping a corn maze or hitching a hayride can be a fun, cost-effective way to spend a fall afternoon and a good activity to do with a group of friends! There are a number of locations around the Pittsburgh area that offer either, or sometimes even both! Something to keep in mind however is the time of day you decide to go. For a more carefree, easy-going experience, it may be wise to go early in the morning or midday, to ensure you finish before it gets dark. The corn maze can become a bit more stressful or spooky trying to do it at night.

4. Go Apple Picking – Just like corn mazes or hayrides, there are a number of locations around the city that are open for apple picking this time of year. Even if you don’t pick a ton of apples, the experience is typically a prime opportunity for fun fall photos.

5. Take a Stroll or Hike – Whether you want to preserve them in a photo, or just appreciate them in the moment, take advantage of the trees changing leaves with a leisurely walk or hike. This is a great way to get out and get some exercise before it gets too cold outside.

6. Pick Up a New Hobby – For those days that it feels too chilly to venture outside, stay in and try out a new hobby. Things like knitting, painting and calligraphy can be great for a cozy afternoon inside.

7. Feast on Fall Flavors – Get those fall flavors while you can! Check out a coffee shop for new seasonal blends or treats, or a supermarket for fall-infused, limited-time-only snacks. And then, of course, there’s Halloween candy too. You could even try cooking or baking something yourself!

8. Attend a School Sponsored Event – There are always a plethora of things going on right here on campus to do. Check out event fliers (There’s usually a few here or there in any common areas and a big poster near the Point Cafe on the second floor) or the Social Scoop email to see what activities are going on each month.

These fall activities are a great way to spend the fall season if you’re not about the haunted side of Halloween. But no matter your preference of activities, remember to stay safe and aware this fall with the ongoing pandemic.