Noodles the pug’s ‘Bones’ and ‘No Bones’ days influences approach to self care

Written By Brooke Stephens, Staff Writer

A pandemic, climate-change and subsequent natural disasters have caused the world to be bombarded by gloom. The fall season is among us which for some people means struggling with seasonal affective disorder. Dark times will always be looming in the background, but there is light, too.

Noodle, a now famous TikTok dog, has made an attempt at making people’s days brighter. He is a 13 year-old pug who lives in his donut hole cushion with his owner, Jon Graz. Their account was started in September 2020 with a video to showcase Noodle’s favorite game, “No Bones.” Jon is 30 and has talked about what it is like being a millennial at home during COVID-19 before he started to focus on Noodle as the “center” of the account.

If someone is not active in the corner of the internet which involves Noodle, there may be confusion on all sides. People can choose to follow the account, wait for an appearance on their For You Page, or be a non-app user who might be completely clueless on the entire situation.

Noodle is a dog which “excels at being dense.” Each video starts the same, with a voice layover from Graz explaining the purpose of the no bones game. If Noodle stands up on his legs after being lifted in his bed, it is a Bones Day. In layman’s terms, it means it’s going to be a good day. Carpe diem the day ahead. Take a risk if signs are pointing in the right direction. If he falls back down into his bed, take care of yourself! Buy a large cup of coffee or an exclusive vinyl that day, alternatively whatever the heart desires. To highlight, if Noodle stands back up after laying back down, that is called “getting rid of a demon.” Addressing or confronting your demons, is the divine goal from Noodle for the day the TikTok is uploaded.

Noodle the pug now completely influences people’s days. The declaration of Bones or No Bones can determine whether a student skips a class, if someone hits snooze on their alarm, or the outcome of a meeting. In an unpredictable, chaotic world personally the predictions are seen as being well-used by a varied audience. Now, it might not help people in the long run, but it easily could. Setting a possibly realistic expectation for the day could allow for self-compassion and breaks when it is needed. He is a blessing in disguise to crowds of people going through their days looking for hope, kindness or an adorable pug face.

As long as a Bones or No Bones day does not damage someone’s life, go for it. If following a pug gives people something to look forward to there should not be harm in that. Taking time (and care) for yourself is positively effective every single day.

There is now “The Noodle No Bones Boutique” which sells text and graphics on hats, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, masks, stickers and pillows. Jon Graz on TikTok has amassed four million followers who watch to see the pug’s fortune telling.

Videos are uploaded everyday unless Graz and Noodle are on vacation or visiting another place. Duets are also made responding to TikTok clips done by fans who create Noodle inspired art.