5 non-traditional Christmas movies for those who don’t feel jolly

Written By Brooke Stephens, Staff Writer

Holidays can either be the most anticipated occasions of the year, or the most dreaded. Suddenly, half of your bank account is gone, relatives keep calling asking what to bring for dinner, and Christmas tree buying becomes a day-long ordeal. For the Grinches, take the end of 2021 to kick back your feet and hide from the twinkling lights and carolers. Here are five holiday recommendations to fill the time of misery created by the scent of fresh pine and Secret Santas at every party.

1. Die Hard
“Die Hard” is a rated-R movie originally released in 1988. The premise is that a New York Police Department officer goes on a risky mission to save his wife and other strangers from being held hostage by terrorists at a Christmas Party in Los Angeles. An action classic with a violent twist on the holiday, it may not be for the faint of heart or traditional Hallmark lovers out there, but it certainly differs from the normal Christmas cheer.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a stop-motion film produced by Tim Burton back in 1993. He has also done work on “Corpse Bride,” “Beetlejuice,” and “Edward Scissorhands,” which can be seen through his distinct gothic artistic style. Although the film does discuss themes and symbols of Christmas, holiday haters out there can join the members of Halloween town in sticking to their creepy, hair-raising plans of their Halloween countdown.

3. Elves
Netflix has released a new series with teenagers as the target audience. “Elves” is a Christmas themed horror show with six episodes from Denmark. Each episode is about 20 minutes in length, which could be easy to binge over break. A family’s trip to a remote island turns south as their Christmas celebration is haunted by an ancient force which only wants to cause harm. Will the teenager and her family be able to escape in time?

4. A California Christmas
Last Christmas, my family sat down and scrolled through Netflix for a long amount of time, as one does. It looks like a typical, lovely Christmas movie. For some, it may be just what they need this holiday season. If anyone wants the opportunity to absolutely mock and criticize a Christmas movie, this choice is highly recommended. It has all of the cheesy dialogue and predictability one could get out of a “romantic” plot. “A California Christmas” plays off all of the cliches of a Christmas movie successfully.

5. Your lie in April
“Your lie in April” is an anime but could appeal to all viewers. There is a series and movie which was released in 2016. A tissue box is recommended as the main character meets a girl who allows him to play piano again after the death of his mother.

Besides anti-holiday movies, you could also go as far as making plain cookies or eating-in to avoid the Christmas meal rush. Treat yourself to a fort of cozy blankets while watching threatening situations come to life, Jack Skellington dance around Halloween Town with Zero, or a Christmas movie which fails to deliver any love. Have a not-so Happy Holidays as people return to their celebrations.