5 ways to ring in the holiday season with dorm decorations and activities

Written By Brooke Stephens, Staff Writer

Everyone deserves a little (or as much as possible) holiday cheer this year. There has been no shortage of anxiety and angst, but, very recently, there was also the opportunity to rejoice with loved ones. Returning to school right before the holiday break can be stressful for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and possibly seniors alike, but you may be wanting to get into the holiday cheer instead. It’s time to decorate the dormitory rooms, or your bedroom for the merry season.

1. Paper Snowflakes
For complete simplicity, all you need for this craft is paper, scissors and any string or wire which could be used to hang or prop the snowflakes. Fold the paper into fours and continue folding in half if more detail is preferred. It is important to cut on random edges rather than organize them to make the least expected shapes. Be sure not to accidentally cut all the way through, or else parts of the snowflakes will be missing. Fold the wire in half if the snowflakes will be propped on a desk or dresser.

2. Do You Want to Build A (Paper) Snowman?
To create a Snowman Door, gather construction paper and scissors to start. Cut the out black construction paper to make the mouth, eyes and buttons down the center of the door. Orange paper can be used to make a fake “carrot” nose. Bonus points if the nose actually sticks out in 3D fashion. Ribbon may be used to create a scarf or hair for the snow man, depending on the creativity of the crafter.

3. Get Your Paint Brushes
For those worrying about the expense of finding a perfect candle holder, any round and wide enough glass should work well. Support a local business or buy a few for friends from a nearby thrift store and wash each individually before use. Then, purchase any color of paint that may be needed if not already available and get to work on painting the new candle holders. Snowmen, trees, mistletoe, reindeer, or other holiday decor could come to life in a short amount of time.

4. Pick a Scene
If paint is still left over from the candle holders, there is no reason to waste. Purchasing a pack of canvases may be expensive so splitting the price with people you know could create a cheerful holiday celebration. Recharge with friends after a semester of cramming for tests and sitting through long lectures. Listen to Christmas songs or sing a long while painting a snow covered, peaceful winter scene.

5. For The Bakers
Sugar cookies are possibly the easiest cookies to make and require little ingredients. Butter, sugar, eggs, flour, baking powder and salt are used in varying recipes. Different recipes for icing, if not bought premade, can be used as well. Cutting out Christmas shapes such as stars or trees by hand may take longer to cut so cookie cutters may also be required.

Cutting out crafts alone or with loved ones may make the Christmas season more jolly when stomping through sheets of ice and snow hits the streets of downtown Pittsburgh. Create new crafts and share them in person or online with strangers, acquaintances, friends, significant others or family members.