End of semester reflection and looking forward to the new year

Written By Maegan Fewell , Staff Writer

As a freshman finishing my first semester at Point Park University, most days, I feel like it’s the last week of August again. On others, I feel like I’ve already been here for four years. (This all depends on my mood and whether I’ve had a night of sufficient sleep.) It has been an eventful semester. I think we can all agree on that. There have been new positions, new students, new policies and new opinions from students, faculty and staff. I cannot wait for the semester to be over—not in a negative or ungrateful way, but simply because I want to relax and reflect.

This semester has felt like a train on one track going 1,000 miles an hour with no stops. Now, I would like to slow down for a bit and consider everything that has happened in just a few short life-changing months. I met friends I didn’t know existed until August and professors who have taught me so much. I received amazing opportunities through the dance department and got to work with some of the world’s most renowned artists. Learning from such incredible teachers and peers every day has been a gift. Now is the time that I would like to reflect on myself: am I the same person I was a few months ago? How much have I changed or just adapted? Were my expectations going into the semester correct?

Over Thanksgiving “break,” I had nine different academic assignments I had to finish before returning to school. Burnout is real, and I feel like we all started to go downhill after Halloween. However, the hope is that we are almost there. So close to the best time of the year! While I had a short time at home, although 90% of it I spent studying, it was almost cathartic to have a little bit of time to stop and think. Reflecting on my life over the last four months and spending quality time with family and friends was truly needed.

I do look forward to some further self-reflection in December, but I didn’t realize how much could happen in such a short time. If I could go back to Maegan in August, I would tell her that college is everything yet nothing of what she expects it to be, and that’s all part of the fun of it.

As we transition into the holidays, I find it’s the most hectic time of year. We are so overwhelmed and scrambled to be done and finished with finals so we can all enjoy our break. I remember this time from high school and how exciting it was yet exhausting. However, I wanted to reiterate that we are almost there, just a couple of more weeks, and then all the candy and snow you could want. (Especially if you’re from Alberta, Canada, like I am.) Try to stay relaxed and as hopeful as possible. As an example, my family recently decided to get two Goldendoodle puppies back at home. Knowing their sweet faces and endless kisses are there waiting for me is what’s getting me through the rest of the term. That person, pet or place will be waiting for you too, I promise.

All in all, it has been an unforgettable first semester, and I cannot wait to see what else Point Park University has in store for us next year. I have a feeling that there will be much more to share in another four months. So, 2022, please be kind and prosperous!