5 tips for taking care of yourself during finals week

Written By Tia Bailey, Co-Features/A&E Editor

It’s week 13 of the semester, meaning we’re coming up on the most-dreaded time – finals week. Although preparing for finals and finishing up assignments is a stressful time, there are ways to make getting through it easier.

Allow yourself to take breaks: This may seem like a weird one to start out, but hear me out. Taking breaks is essential to not burning out. If you try to do hours of work with only bathroom breaks, the words will start to blur on the page or screen in front of you, and it will be much more difficult to do your work (trust me, I’ve been there). Allowing yourself breaks will be good for both your work and your mental health. Whether you prefer to schedule your breaks or take them as you feel you need them, this is an important step in preparing for finals.

1. Make a playlist: While I personally can’t listen to music throughout my whole study session, sometimes it really does help. It doesn’t have to be relaxing music necessarily either – whatever music makes you happy, compile it into a playlist and put it on in the background. That being said, I will be listening to All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault) on repeat while preparing for my finals.

2. Make your space comfortable: As much as I want to study and do projects while laying in bed, it usually ends in an hours-long accidental nap. While sleep is important, it’s not helpful when you are actively trying to study. Make your desk as comfortable and neat as possible so you can be comfy and productive. Organize your things, make sure you have everything you need for your assignments, have coffee and water and snacks on hand, and anything else to make your space work for you and your needs.

3. Create a to-do list: This one is a bit basic, but it does help. Seeing everything you need listed out right in front of you on paper or a screen can help you start to sort everything out in order of due dates or importance. Doing this can help ensure you don’t miss anything you need to do. Also, crossing assignments off of a to-do list is always satisfying, especially in this scenario.

4. Make plans for after finals: Make plans for things you can do after finals are over. Whether it’s something to do with friends, family or on your own, this will give you something to look forward to, and remind you that there is an end to all of the studying, tests, projects and assignments in the very near future. Plus, when the time comes, you will be able to take a deep breath and just enjoy whatever you have planned.

5. Plan to make your favorite meals: A big part of taking care of yourself is making sure you’re eating and drinking throughout the day. If you are able, try to make or order your favorite meals and snacks throughout the week. This will help you remember to eat meals and keep you healthy while finishing out the stressful semester. Keeping a bag of your favorite snacks and drinks next to your desk can also be helpful and make studying a little better.

Remember to take care of yourself while finishing out the semester. Winter break is very near, so keep pushing through and do what you need to stay physically and mentally healthy.