5 winter indoor activities for college students

Written By Kylie Thomas, Co-Features/A&E Editor

After months of warmer temperatures and no snow, Pennsylvania is starting to finally face snowfall and weather that’ll have students staying in. While being stuck inside can cause stir-crazy feelings, it doesn’t have to be a bore. Most people think of indoor activities as watching a movie, reading a book or spending time with those you live with. However, the staples don’t have to be monotonous. Here are some ideas of how to have a unique snow day right in your own dorm.

Redecorate your room: I know cleaning isn’t the ideal lazy day activity, but snow days are perfect for giving your room a new look. The entire aesthetic and vibe of your dorm can be changed just by spreading out little tasks throughout the day. The change can be anything from just moving around posters to reorganizing the room layout. Either way, a fresh-looking room can provide a clean slate to start the week or end a bad day.

Make stickers: I’m about to share my secret recipe for making homemade stickers which is a big deal and is going to save you so much money if you’re obsessed with stickers. Any design can be used and the only materials needed are parchment paper, printer paper, packing tape and scissors. It’s a fun activity with roommates or even on your own. Start by drawing your printing the design desired on a sheet of printer paper. Stick down packing tape on the parchment paper enough to take up the size of the sticker. Cut out the design and place it over top of the packing tape-covered parchment paper. Then just cover the design in packing tape and cut it out so that there’s a little bit of tape hanging off the side of the design. Whenever you want to use the sticker, you can just peel off the parchment paper backing and it’s ready to go.

Try a new coffee or tea recipe: Nothing says winter quite like a steaming hot drink on a cloudy day. Skip the urge to go buy a Gasoline Street maple brown sugar iced latte with almond milk and save a cold trip by experimenting at home. Believe it or not, a sweet cream cold brew from Starbucks is actually super easy to recreate at home, and you can add in other flavors to upgrade the classic drink. If you’re not into coffee, explore a new tea option from a different country. Not only will this activity warm you up, but it can also help save some money.

Make winter-themed playlists: Different songs have different seasonal feelings associated with them. For instance, “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes is obviously a winter song. Now that the new season has begun, it’s the best time to update those “main character” playlists for walking on ice to class. Some playlist title ideas include, “Snow in the City,” “POV: You’re the Main Character but it’s Winter” and “It’s Colder Outside Than My Ex’s Heart.” This one can make for a great social distancing activity too since you can FaceTime your friends and even collaborate on playlists on Spotify.

Have a paint night: This one requires less common materials than the other options but can be a way to combine decorating and painting in one. Paint nights don’t have to be classic acrylic paint on canvases. Mix things up by incorporating different mediums such as watercolor paints, oil paints, mugs as canvases, or even facepaint or safe markers on bodies. If you’re a person who can never decide what to paint, try to follow along with a Bob Ross painting tutorial on YouTube. It’s a frustrating and wonderful experience, and you learn a lot about yourself in that long period of time.

Winter can feel like it drags on forever but these ideas can help the inside time pass smoothly and quickly. Most of these don’t involve hard-to-find materials, and many can even be done virtually with friends to stay safe with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Cherish the beautiful parts of the winter season and most importantly, be the main character.