The Globe News Brief – February 16, 2022

Written By Caitlyn Scott, Co-News Editor

Port Authority bridge shift caused by winter weather conditions

The Pittsburgh Port Authority announced on February 10 that the closure of the Saw Mill Run Boulevard Bridge was the result of water penetration and freezing temperatures from the recent snow and ice storms seen within the county. The bridge, which provided both light rail Red Line service and bus transportation between Beechview and Mount Washington, will remain be closed for a few weeks due torepairs. For light rail riders, a bus shuttle is operating between Potomac Station and Station Square to accommodate impacted riders seeking inbound service. Outbound Red Line T trains are following the Blue Line and Silver Line routes. (TribLive)

PA Department of Health urges donations after COVID-19 creates ‘Critical’ blood shortages

The Pennsylvania Department of Health announced at the beginning of February that the state is currently experiencing a “critical” blood shortage, caused by the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With state and county-wide trends showcasing a decrease in the number of blood donations since the pandemic, healthcare systems within the state and country rely on donations to provide life-saving surgeries and treatments, as well as blood transfusions for patients. The department encourages those who are at least 16 years or older, 120 pounds and are in good health, to donate. (KDKA-TV)

Pennsylvania Senate redistricting map approved, 30-day protest period now stands

With the upcoming 2022 election approaching, the Legislative Reapportionment Commission created a map for the redistricting of Pennsylvania, which was approved by a small panel the week of February 11. Although approved, there is now a 30-day “protest period,” that will expire in March, where the drafted map could be challenged to be changed. (TribLive)

FDA grants full approval of Moderna vaccine for ages 18 and up

The FDA granted full approval for the Moderna vaccine for adults ages 18 and up, after Moderna provided evidence of clinical trial studies and FDA-required manufacturing data. The granted use of the Moderna vaccine comes roughly five months after the FDA granted the usage of the Pfizer vaccine to ages five to 15, as well as ages 16 and up back in Aug. 2021. (KDKA-TV)

Four people injured after shooting outside of Justin Bieber after-party

On February 12, LAPD reported at least four people, including rapper Kodak Black, were injured following a shooting that took place outside of a concert after-party hosted by Justin Bieber. Following the shooting, the LAPD released that there have been no initial arrests made and that all victims are expected to make a full recovery. (Forbes)