Top 5 Valentine’s activities to do with friends

Written By Tia Bailey, Co-Features/A&E Editor

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and something I like to do every year is to pick a day and have a “friends’ Valentine’s Day” with them. Since it’s cold and there’s not much to do right now that is completely safe because of the omicron surge, staying in seems like the best option; but it doesn’t have to be boring. Here are some ideas to have a fun V-Day with your friends while staying warm and safe.

1. Make That Recipe You Saw on Tik-Tok
This one is a personal favorite. If half of your ‘For You’ Page is pasta and/or cupcake recipes , now is the perfect time to give it a go. Bring together all of your friends to try your food, and maybe even make it an annual thing. Whether it’s GiGi Hadid’s ‘spicy vodka sauce pasta’ or some Valentine’s-themed cookies, it will be a fun (and delicious) activity.

2. Host A Craft Night
Over quarantine in spring 2020, I was painting everything in sight. Grab some cheap paints, brushes, and canvases from Five Below and have a paint night. Something that was big on Tik-Tok a while back was embroidering sweatshirts and jeans; which is more of a challenge, but it’s still fun if you’re up for it. The Waterfront shuttles will come in handy here with Michaels and Target, both places to get any art supplies you may need.

3. Movie Night
It may be basic, but movie nights are popular for a reason. Kick back, prepare some popcorn, gather some snacks and binge some of your favorites. Whether you’re into romantic comedies, horror movies, teen movies, or whatever, have everyone pick a favorite and watch them all in a night. Some of my go-to’s for the season are: “Someone Great,” “Mamma Mia,” and “Mean Girls.”

4. Mocktails and Dip Night
A lot of people online will do themed mocktail nights and also dip nights, where everyone surprises the group with a fun mocktail and brings a different dip with chips, crackers, cookies or veggies. Combine the two and have a small get together for some good food and fun drinks. Get creative with cotton candy drinks, or stick to the classics with buffalo chicken dip. The element of surprise and the process will be fun and the food will be great.

5. Make Valentine’s Cards
Hop in the time machine and go back to elementary school and make some homemade Valentine’s Day cards for your friends or SO. The memories of colorful construction paper, markers, heart-shaped confetti and more will be nostalgic, and you get to give the people in your life something small and sweet to show that you care about them. It’s fun, crafty and takes you back to a less stressful time.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day (or not if you’re anti- Valentine’s Day), make sure to stay safe and healthy.