New Dean of Arts and Sciences Named


Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor Elect

Following an extensive, nationwide search process, Point Park has named Doctor Josie Brown as the new Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. The Globe sat down for an exclusive interview with Doctor Brown, who expressed her excitement to begin working at the university.


“I’m very excited for the opportunity,” Brown said. “I love the university and what I was able to see when I was there and what I’ve researched. I really believe in giving students the opportunity for as much hands-on opportunity as possible, and I saw that the university was invested in that.”


Doctor Brown is an immigrant and was a first-generation college student, two things that she said have defined her career path. Brown said she believes that these experiences will give her a unique perspective when helping students.


“I was born in Jamaica… I moved when I was elementary school-aged, and I was also a first-generation college student,” Brown said. “Those two aspects really influenced my career path and what I do today. Going to school as a first-generation student, I understand the challenges because I faced them myself. Part of my role as an educator is to mentor students and help guide students through the process. I think it’s really important that we allow students from all different backgrounds and different job experiences to have access to higher education.”


After emigrating from Jamaica, Brown lived in Queens, New York, before earning a bachelor’s degree from Bates College in Maine. Brown then went back to New York to earn a master’s degree from Queens College and her Ph.D. from the University of New York at Stony Brook. Brown said that her time in New York has made her excited about Point Park’s urban location.


“I’m originally from Queens, New York, so I’m a city girl at heart,” Brown said. “So I love the campus. I love being in the city and having the opportunity to visit and be in Pittsburgh and see the institution is part of that city environment from that location. I loved it. It’s kind of like going home for me.”


Brown said that one of her main priorities is to teach students how to be life-long learners, a skill that she believes is important for career readiness.


“Arts and Sciences is the foundation where we teach students transferable skills they need so that they will be successful in the future,” Brown said. “It’s about developing students to be lifelong learners. If you’re a lifelong learner then you’re career ready… you’ve learned the skills that you can take from career to career.”


University President Don Green has expressed excitement at the hiring of Doctor Brown and said that he is looking forward to her starting.


“With a Dean now established in each of our schools, we can accelerate plans to develop a new round of highly productive and innovative degree programs to ensure a long and prosperous future,” President Green said in a press release announcing Doctor Brown’s hiring. “Through my conversations with Doctor Brown, I believe she will play an important role in this work, and I’m excited to have her here.”


Managing Director of Marketing and Public Relations Lou Corsaro clarified that any new degree programs within the School of Arts and Sciences wouldn’t be discussed until after Brown starts in July.


“President Green is referencing something aspirational over time,” Corsaro said. “Any new programs and expansions are things that would happen over time, once [Doctor Brown] has had a chance to establish herself at Point Park.”


Brown’s tentative start date is July 1. According to her, she is eager to get to know the campus community.


“I really think that the most important thing I can do the first week there is to put my sneakers on, walk around, meet people, talk to people, figure out who you are, and figure out who you want to be,” Brown said. “I have to learn who you are first, before we can talk about what the next steps are.”