Pittsburgh parks to enjoy this spring

Written By Tia Bailey, Co-Features/A&E Editor

With the weather warming up, everyone is itching to get back outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Living in the midst of downtown usually means a lack of nature, other than the occasional plant inside a concrete planter on the street, but thankfully, Pittsburgh has several parks within close proximity to campus to enjoy while the temperature rises.

Point State Park:
Let’s get the obvious choices out of the way first. Point State Park is about an 8 minute walk from campus and has some beautiful views of the city. As soon as it hits 65 degrees, students from every college flock there for picnics, walks, photoshoots and more. It’s conveniently close, has great views and is quite big for a downtown park.

Schenley Park:
Located over in Oakland on Pitt’s campus, Schenley Park is huge. They have a pool, ice rink, disc golf course and so much more. The view of downtown from the overlook is amazing and is the perfect place for a picnic with a scenic view. There’s so much to do in Schenley, and it’s only a short bus ride away from campus.

Frick Park:
Frick Park, located on the opposite side of Squirrel Hill from Schenley, is great for hikes. The woods have a bunch of trails to walk with pretty views. The woodland park is dog-friendly, so you’ll run into some furry friends, and there’s also biking, a tennis court and a playground. This park has something for everyone, and gives you a break from the city atmosphere for a while. Frick Park is also Pittsburgh’s largest historic regional park and is about a 30-40 minute bus ride from campus downtown.

Highland Park:
Highland Park, located in the Highland Park neighborhood, is as practical as it is pretty. It has a lot of walking space, as well as a fountain and a reservoir. The fountain and reservoir are the first things you see when you enter the park, so make sure to check both of those out before doing some more exploring. The park is also right on the other side of the zoo, so if you’re looking for something more to do while you’re in the area, look no further. Highland Park is a 45 minute bus ride or a 15 minute drive from campus.

Allegheny Commons Park:
A walk over to the North Side will bring you to Allegheny Commons Park. The park, right outside of the National Aviary, not only has a great view of downtown, but also stretches wide with grass and a small bridge over a pond. Perfect for hanging out during the springtime as the flowers begin to grow, the park is a short drive/bus ride/walk from Point Park.

Spring is just around the corner, so check out some of the parks that the city has to offer and enjoy the sunshine as it gets warm again.