SGA communications director steps down after losing presidential election

Written By Erin Yudt, SGA Beat Writer

Former Student Government Association (SGA) presidential candidate Drew Simko has stepped down from his position as communications director, according to current SGA President Dennis McDermott. The announcement came just days after the campus community received the SGA election results, which showed that Simko lost to Summers by 43 votes. SGA Graphic Designer Kari Dettorre will now be taking on the role of communications director along with her current role. 


“As you can see on the board, Kari is taking over communications director and is still graphic designer,” said McDermott. “There are only two weeks left, and she was communications director last year, so it just made sense to merge the two positions.”


Not many students were in the JVH Auditorium to receive the news this week. 


Only six senators were in attendance, barely making quorum, the minimum number of members needed to vote on legislation, which is currently five members.


During the first open floor, Senator Trevor FitzSimmons was quick to mention this.


“I am just going to state the obvious here,” said FitzSimmons. “It is absolutely ridiculous that there are only six of us here. It is unacceptable. I don’t know what is possible, but we should work on passing things to put into the constitution about punishing those who repeatedly miss and those who miss without excuses.”


McDermott said that he wants to “work on enforcing things like a suspension period and so forth, but there is nothing we can do about it now, and there are only two more weeks left.”


Recording Secretary Frankie Bracey reported on the suggestions made at the tater tot event held two weeks ago and brought special attention to apparent issues with the student complaints box.


“I just wanted to address the abuse of the student complaints box,” said Bracey. “There have been way too many concerns that are not real concerns. The box is for the student body, not for you all [SGA members] to mess around with. I am going to monitor the box much more closely.”


Treasurer Maggie Hier reiterated points from her report from last week, addressing “procrastination” from SGA members.


“I am going to say this again because there have still been many issues with procrastination,” said Hier. “Please stop calling me up during the weekend. It is my personal time. Also, do not call me during class time with important stuff that I need to leave class for. I know we are all getting low on energy, but there are two weeks left, and this has been happening all semester. This cannot happen for the next treasurer.”


Closing with announcements, Chief of Staff Sophie Burkholder urged members to sign up to attend the Outstanding Student Awards, which all students are invited to. The ceremony will be on Friday, April 22, and people can sign up through the email sent out to the entire student body last week.